How To Take Care of Jade Jewelry

How To Take Care of Jade Jewelry

How To Take Care of Jade Jewelry

Jewels made of jade are beautiful and valuable. Taking care of them is needed so as to make sure that they remain in the best condition at all times. One way of taking care of jade is to clean it regularly and this should be done in a way which is safe. Cleaning the gemstone is a rather straightforward thing as long as you stick to the set guidelines. Always treat and wear the jewels as they should be and make sure that they are also stored in an appropriate manner.

What is jade?

The name jade can be in reference to two kinds of gemstones, jadeite, and nephrite. Nephrite jade is usually green in color and is an actinolite variety. Yellow and brown varieties can also be seen. Jadeite is made of pyroxene. Jadeite comes in green color, but pink and bluish stones are also available. Of the two, nephrite is softer.

Cleaning jade

To properly clean jade, use water only. You can also prepare a cleaning solution where you add mild soap into the water. When cleaning jade, avoid using household detergents and jewelry cleaners that have harsh chemicals in them. When you have prepared the solution, use a cotton pad or a soft cloth and wipe the gemstone carefully. Do this in a gentle way so as to ensure that the surface is not scratched. Never soak the gem in water.

You can make use of a cotton swab or a soft cloth to clean the areas that are hard to reach. Wipe any remaining soap by using a clean cloth or cotton pad. Use a towel to dry the gemstone.

Things you should avoid when taking care of Jade

Never clean jade using a steam cleaner. Also, never put the gem in any ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which can cause harm to the structure. When cleaning jewels made of jade, never use alcohol or any other harsh chemical as it may cause harm to it.

Wearing jade

When wearing jade, make sure that you are very careful. Don’t hit this stone as it may chip or crack very easily. Pool or tap water can harm jade because of the chlorine that may be added to it. Remove your jade jewelry before you shower or take a swim. Don’t let jade come in contact with chemicals, hairspray, perfume, or makeup, which may adversely affect the surface of the stone.

Storing jade

Gemstones which are harder can very easily scratch jade. It is, therefore, a good idea to store it apart from other pieces. You can also use a jewelry box that has got many compartments. If you have to store your jewelry together, make sure you wrap the jade pieces with a pouch or a soft cloth so as to keep them well protected.

Jade jewelry is beautiful and once you take care of it, you can have it with you for a long time to come. There are all sorts of jade items that you can have. They include jade bangles, necklaces, earrings, and even rings.

Jade Bead Jewelry – What Is Jade?

Jade Bead Jewelry – What Is Jade?

Jade Bead Jewelry – What Is Jade?

Making Jade Jewelry

jade snake

If you make hand-crafted jewelry, use a lot of jade. It’s easy and inexpensive to buy. It looks great on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – on its own or mixed with other stones.

Buying Jade for Jewelry

jade earings

Jade is available in loose beads and temporarily strung into strands. Loose beads are cheaper, but strand beads have more-uniform drill holes, so will hang better, making them best for necklaces. However, if you plan on knotting your necklace, then loose beads will do.

Most colored jade is dyed, this is usual, and the color doesn’t come off. So if you want continuity it is best to purchase all you need for a project in one go. Jade beads are carved into more different shapes than other stone. Like tiny, fish, bottles, rings, flowers, barrels, hearts, tubes, and many other designs to compliment a necklace or bracelet.

History of Jade

Part of the appeal of jade is its mystique – use this knowledge to help sell your jade jewelry.

For 5,000 years Imperial China used the word “jade” as something precious – as in English, we use gold. Because the Chinese believe jade has all the attributes most valued in society:

“A symbol of purity and serenity.

Is delicate: but will not break.

Is beautiful: but not impermanent.

It can be flawed with lines: but still pleasing.”

Jade is remarkably tough, used by ancient civilizations for axes and weapons. The Aztecs even taxed it. However, because of its smooth texture, it was soon carved into ornaments and jewelry. Chinese jade first arrived in the West during the sixteenth century, brought from Canton by the Portuguese.

Today jade continues to be a symbol of love, virtue, and status. It is believed to radiate divine unconditional love and balance the emotions. Held in the hand it can improve judgment – silk traders clasped jade while bartering. Worn around the neck, jade was said to dispel illness and cure kidney problems. It was even used to bring immortality. Entire jade suits have been found in ancient emperors’ tombs!

Types of Jade

Most jade carved in China is from Burma, with shades of green, lavender, yellow, white and grey. Naturally, these colors form over millions of years from minerals in the rock. The emerald-green color of “Imperial Jade” jadeite is the most sought after by collectors. Only 150-years ago, it was realized that the word jade was being applied to two different minerals: jadeite and nephrite. The nephrite variety is composed of fibrous crystals inter-twinned in a tough compact mass. Nephrite is more abundant than jadeite and has fewer color varieties – usually less intense dark spinach greens, white, browns, and black.

Quality of Jade

The best jade has a waxy, pearly appearance. Feeling cool and so smooth, it seems soft to the touch. Yet hard enough that pressure from a sharp knife will not leave a mark. Quality rocks are usually cut into smooth dome shapes called cabochons, which are sold by the piece rather than per carat. Although the overall color is the most important factor, attention is also paid to translucency, texture, and pattern. Certain patterns, like moss in the snow, are highly valued.

How to Use Jade in your Designs

Jade beads are usually made into necklaces and bracelets. Try mixing different shapes with complimenting colors to produce stylish jewelry. Matching jade earrings also look good. Design matching sets to boost your sales. Apart from beads, jadeite bangles have always been popular in Asia – some as recent as the art deco period have fetched hundreds of thousands-of-dollars in auctions. So buyers expect jade to be expensive. If you’re selling hand-crafted jade jewelry, this helps your bottom line.

how to measure jade bangle size

why do we need to measure the bangle size?

during my past sales, I found a bangle size guide is very important to my buyers, in the past we sold hundreds of jade bangles, 3.5% will return to exchange due to the bangle size problem, it is a waste of time and to measure the bangle size?to avoid this happen, I am writing a guide here to clarify the methods. this measure methods are not 100% fit, sometimes the size has relevant of your hands’ hardness. some people’s hand is soft and flexible, she can wear 2mm smaller than the estimated size, some old people the hand is hard, you might consider bigger 2mm from the have considered individual factors, don’t need to 100% to measure bangle size

how to measure the jade bangle size demonstrate in picture

how to measure jade bangle size

this is the first thing to measure your bangle size, you have to consider your hand hardness and age if your hand is hard and age over 40, you might need to go larger 2 mm from the estimated size. some young girls they have a soft and small hand, they can go down 1 mm, don’t measure your wrist, it is the wrong method for jade bangle size measuring.

What to do if the bangle barely fits:

Sometimes a bangle doesn’t quite fit over your hand but is within feasible range to fit.  If you want the bangle to be worn ‘for life’, here’s a few tricks we have to aid bangle fitting. As a reminder, the bangle may not come off (easily) once put on using these methods.

Warning: your hand might hurt a little in the process. However, if your hand is in too much pain when using one of these methods, don’t exert yourself, it is possible that the bangle simply will not fit.

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jade’s value-from gemstone to products

jade’s value-from gemstone to products

Recently an incident happened in Yunnan province China has shocked people by the jade’s value

the incident happened in Ruili, Yunnan – a province in China – on Tuesday (June 27). The unnamed woman was trying on the bracelet at a shop, but it slipped from her hands and broke into two when she took it off. After finding out that the bracelet allegedly cost 300,000 yuan (S$61,000), she never knew the jade’s value could be so high began to panic and fainted.

This incident has aroused people’s concern about the jade’s value, judging from the market, Jade, as a work of art to appreciate the collection, also contains a lot of investment opportunities. In the past 30 years, the value of jadeite has appreciated by an average of 30% to 50% each year, while high-grade jade has appreciated by more than 1000%.

The Mid-Autumn Fair of Burmese Jade and Gemstones, commonly known as the mid-autumn year, was opened in the jade hall of Nayidimaniyadana. Since its inception, the Myanmar Public Order has been a grand event in the industry and is held twice a year. In June and November, respectively, compared to previous years, this years’ time has been postponed. Therefore, there has been a reduction in the number of public events held. The number of discs did not even hold rumors. However, these rumors are not groundless. It is indeed the Myanmar government that has already played a real role in the exploitation and protection of jade resources.

 jade gemstone of Burma jade fair

This is the highest price stone in the jadeite market in 2017. Its number is 4814 and the weight is 800 kg. The transaction price is 130 million RMB. When it was placed on the market, not many businessmen are interested because too many stones are cracked. There are not many stones that can be used. The characteristics are the color green and purple. The transparency is very good. Most traders gave up. When the transaction price of this stone became the highest in this transaction, many people were surprised.

jadeite product bangles

A month later, one piece of this stone became a finished product and seven bracelets were made. After the owner had sealed the container for the rest of the time, he waited until then to gradually use it as a finished product. We estimate that about 400 bracelets could be produced at this time. Can you imagine the jade’s value, even one bangle can worth a million?




According to the Myanmar Chinese website, up to now, more than 1,000 mines have been closed. It is important that the Minerals Department has not announced plans to extend the mine’s operation period. The Ministry of Myanmar’s Minister of Resources and Environmental Protection also stated that it no longer approves the opening of a new mine in the Pajang mining area, and ceased the extension of the mine for the operation period. This means that before the new policy comes out, the extraction volume of the original jade stone will certainly drop, which will add to the scarcity of high goods and the shortage of supply.jade’s the value will be going up in the future for certain, buy quality jade, please visit my store ,grade A untreated Burma jade guaranteed .

Jadeite Jade Quality Factors

Jadeite Jade Quality Factors

To know that the value of jade, you need to check beyond its durability and its own position as a gemstone and gorgeous adornment. Jade is a religious stone with significant significance that is intricately woven into the Chinese culture.

The cost for fine-quality jadeite has increased dramatically along with China’s economic increase. The need for people who can manage it’s significantly outpaced the source of the uncommon material.

The Chinese have admired jadeite’s nice green color because of its discovery in Burma. Top-grade jadeite is uncommon. Vivid, glossy, and translucent, glorious jadeite controls some of the greatest prices among stone in the present international market.

Jadeite’s three main attributes, in order of the effect on its market value, are color, transparency, and feel.

When jadeite buyers assess augmented jadeite, they believe many facets. First, they judge its own color under both incandescent and fluorescent light sources. They assess its degree of transparency. They search for coloration or a satisfying mottling of colors. They additionally search for the nice shine and undistorted surface reflections. Clarity is essential, too, because any cracks can powerfully impact value.


Color is jadeite’s main value element. Because consumers traditionally correlate jadeite with the color green, so it surprises some people to understand that it comes in different colors too–lavender, crimson, orange, yellow, brown, white, black, black, and grey. All of those colors could be appealing. But jadeite’s most desired color is, in reality, a unique color of green.

The finest-quality jadeite–nearly crystalline with a lively emerald-green color–is called “Imperial Jade.” The imperial court of China formerly had a standing arrangement for all available material of the sort, and it is among the planet’s most expensive stone.

The green which can control millions of dollars from the market is pure and penetrating, a vibrant hue with no sign of grey that seems extreme even from a distance. It ranges from green into a somewhat bluish green or a slightly yellowish green.

Other highly appreciated jade varieties include “kingfisher jade,” using a green color that is only marginally less vibrant than Imperial; “apple jade,” that is an intense yellow-green; and “moss-in-snow jade,” that is translucent white with glowing green veining, stains, or stains. The most outstanding cases of them are almost always purchased and sold at the Asian marketplace.

Lavender is one other most valuable shade. Intense colours command a major premium over lighter and darker colours. Black jade will be in style, along with orange to purple jade, notably when these colours aren’t brown.

Jadeite’s transparency ranges from completely opaque to semitransparent. The best jadeite is semitransparent, which means that the text you can browse through it might be somewhat fuzzy. Because light penetrates under the surface, semitransparent jadeite includes a hot brilliance. It almost appears to shine, increasing the allure of a lush green or rich lavender colour. The least desirable jadeites are completely opaque or have muddy or opaque spots which violate their transparency.

To judge transparency, a few buyers put a thin jadeite slit on a printed page and attempt to browse the print via the stone. If the transparency is exceptional, the viewer is able to observe the print easily, even when jadeite is dark green. Good transparency can occasionally compensate for the absence of uniform color or very low color saturation.


Jadeite includes a smooth, even texture which makes folks need to touch and grip it. Jadeite’s texture could be fine, medium, or rough, based upon variations in crystal hardness and size. These texture groups are occasionally known as, respectively, older mine, comparatively older mine, and mine.

The identical crystal construction which results in jadeite’s texture moreover contributes to its personal distinctive toughness. Jadeite’s interlocking crystals, additionally known as grains, create a carefully inter-grown, streamlined mass which bonds collectively and resists breaking. In the primary days of its basis, because it had been used to vogue instruments and weapons, jadeite’s functionality to withstand breakage was amongst its necessary advantages.


China is the planet’s main polishing center for jadeite. Some jadeite from Myanmar is fashioned close to its origin, in cutting-edge workshops close to the available jade markets of Hpakan, Lonkin, Mogaung, and Mandalay. Many cutters there nevertheless polish jadeite the early manner, employing a hollow bamboo lathe treated with water and sand.

Manufacturers style jadeite to a couple of identifying, traditional jewelry kinds. Some are hololiths, carved completely from one piece of tough. Hololiths comprise bangles, rings, and pendants.

The finest-quality jadeite is generally cut into cabochons for use in rings and other jewelry. When buyers estimate cabochons, they believe symmetry, ratio, and depth. Calibration isn’t quite as vital for top-quality substance since it’s far more commercial qualities. The best jadeite cabochons are seldom cut to calibrated dimensions since the cutter’s objective is to conserve rough weight.

Fine-grade jadeite could also be cut into round beads, that can be carefully chosen and strung into strands. Color and feel are essential factors for fitting jadeite beads. Manufacturers also fit size, transparency, and thickness of cut. Because fitting is tough, particularly for color, longer strands or bigger beads can promote for extremely substantial rates.

The jade bangle, first forged in China from nephrite, is a design idea to date back at least four million decades. A smooth group of glowing jadeite wraps the wrist is believed, even now, to deliver peace and security to its wearer. Jadeite bangles can be quite significant parts of jewelry.

Some bangles are hololiths. When a cutter styles a bangle from one bit of tough, a fantastic deal of weight loss effects. For this specific reason, hololith bangles are more expensive than bangles that include many pieces joined together by precious-metal hinges.

The Chinese eyebrow symbol, or bi, conveys great religious importance for several jadeite connoisseurs. The contour is straightforward: a convex or plump disk using a round hole at its center. Ideally, that the jadeite ought to be more than two times as broad as the gap.

Jadeite rings are usually easy all-jadeite bands. The best bands show uniform color all the way around. A variant on this is your saddle ring, a good ring with a carved rectangular-shaped top.

Size and Weight

Jadeite measurements are usually expressed in millimeters. The value of cabochons, beads, and bangle bracelets increases with a rise in percentage, the remaining portion of the superior variables being equal. With best-quality imperial jadeite, minor differences in size can create massive differences in worth. With nephrite, larger sizes do not increase the value radically ordinarily.

The Benefits of Wearing High-Quality Jade Jewelry Pieces

The Benefits of Wearing High-Quality Jade Jewelry Pieces

High-Quality Jade Jewelry Pieces

Out of-of the valuable gemstones on the planet, jadeite is a special substance that conveys strong values and beliefs. Jade Jewelry is among the most popular and conventional stones to utilize, particularly due to the range of colors. Did you are aware that the raw essential substances of jade include 49 ordinary colors? Set in silver or gold, jade is a really lovely decoration which may be worn by people. When people don a true jadeite piece, they’re not just embracing the attractive rock, but also the art of the carver.

Intricately carved jade is surely an admirable thing, while it’s a bit of jewelry, decoration or figurine. We find it fascinating to talk about why folks decide to wear jade jewelry, so we decided to record several reasons why jadeite creates a look in vogue. There is an assortment of advantages to sporting jade jewelry besides attaining a style or appearance.

Thermal Conductivity

The jade stone may consume the elements of hot and cold, making it unique. It might feel cool when touched, also if pressed against the skin for a time period, it can decrease body temperature. Depending on which portion of this body the jade is against, the stone’s ability to be trendy may invigorate the circulation of blood and encourage blood flow. People who suffer from stroke, obesity, higher blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and numbness may acquire some aid wearing jade.

Psychological Comfort

For centuries, the jade rock was considered to inflict a phenomenal, optimistic force on individuals who instills great luck and expels evil. Some individuals have promised that once they use jade jewelry they feel much more serene and at peace. The gems are supposed to bring the wearer’s religious delight and alleviate stress.

Brings Out Inner Beauty

High-grade jade jewelry may be worn casually or formally( and can be crafted into gorgeous pieces like rings, bangles, necklaces, earrings and much more. Not just is that the color beautiful, it seems glossy and translucent when washed and polished. Jadeite jewelry makes the person wearing it appear appealing on the outside and the interior. This is since the rock is thought to instill self-assurance, self-confidence, and self-reliance from the man or woman who dons it. Jade is worn out commonly around the throat to be near the center for spiritual nutrition.

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Chinese jade jewellery and Chinese culture -Helen grade A jade factory outlet

Chinese jade jewellery and Chinese culture -Helen grade A jade factory outlet

Chinese jade jewelry is very popular in China

Chinese jade jewellery is very popular in China,most of  Chinese collecting jade jewelry nowadays .people may ask why Chinese people love jade jewellery so much,we have to look back to Chinese culture since ancient dynasty, in the past .only very rich people and noblemen could afford green jade jewelry,it  symbolized beauty, noble dignities, elegant and positive energy.sometimes jade can be found in the bury carve with an ancient nobleman, jade has the same position as gold threads.

Chinese jade jewelry became more and more popular in the people

it is no longer exclusive to the nobles, jade holds an important place in Chinese culture, Chinese jade jewelry are also believed to have a mystical power, bringing peace and protection. For example, jadeite bangles are common gifts in the Chinese culture as grandparents often present them to their grandchildren as a source of protection. There are many stories that tell of a jade bangle breaking by absorbing negative energy, leaving the wearer the price is going up heavily day and day, some people buying very expensive jade for investment, they consider to pass the jade jewellery to next generation, and next generation pass to the third, so the jade jewellery  can stay in their families forever and keep the value going up all the time.

Chinese jade jewelry is good related to feng shui

fengshui is a Chinese metaphysical and quasi-philosophical system that seeks to harmonise individuals with their surrounding is including wind and water, sun and shadows,they can changed people’s body magnetic field,if you have a good fengshui surround your body magnetic field is good, you will gain all the positive energy everything will be good, f the fengshui is bad, that means everything will goes to a wrong way, Chinese people always care about fengshui ,fengshui check can use for new business, marriage, sickness, move house, everywhere.when people found fengshui is not right they need a natural thing to change fengshui, jade jewellery is the most people’s choices, because they are natural, they have got  the spirits of nature essence, type B, and type C jade are treated so they lost their effects,you can see people put a Bagua jade into a water tank or a pixiu or a toad holding a coin in the mouth in their  corner of someone’s house ,that is because of this.

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what is jadeite jade? helen grade A jade factory

what is jadeite jade? helen grade A jade factory

grade A jade jadeite

what is jadeite jade pendant

what is jadeite jade

jadeite jade is one of the most famous jade from burma (myanmar).it has variety colors.can be green ,white ,purple,yellow ,people may get confused by Jadeite and Nephrite . The Jadeite and Nephrite forms of Jade are almost identical, and it may be very difficult to distinguish the two.the most common color of these two jade are pale green,but Jadeite Jade is the rarer and more valuable form of Jade.

Jadeite Characteristics

any gemstone that the hardness is 6.5-7,specific gravity from 3.30-3.50,chemical characteristics made of sodium and aluminum can be called jadeite jade.

what affect jadeite jade ‘s value

jadeite jade is rare but it doesn’t mean all the jadeite are expensive,there are some factors affect its value.such as color ,the more concentrated the more dearer,transparency,texture,wight and size ,depends on the quality,jadeite’s price is much different,mostly the jadeite is affordable,everyone can have a jadeite that special for yourself ,it is unique and special,one jade can last forever.

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