What is ocean jasper sphere:

Ocean Jasper is usually a trading name for a spherical stone found in Madagascar. It is a rare type of jasper that is collected from a single location on Northern Madagascar’s Ambolobozo Peninsula. While generally identified as an orbicular jasper, the latest work indicates that instead, it is the mineral chalcedony. Also more generally, people call it “druzy.”

It is said that the earliest marine jasper sand mine was discovered in 1944, but the original mineral deposit in Madagascar was only found in 1997.

The original mineral deposit is a small reef, which can only be exposed to the surface when the tide is low. The time is usually taken by boat, so the jasper produced there is called ocean jasper.

Ocean jasper or orbicular jasper is also the mother stone of many semi-precious gems: chalcedony banded is best known as agate, carnelian purple, and onyx black, etc. The ability of Ocean Jasper to transmit light is a hallmark of chalcedony.

The jasper is not transparent by nature unless it is cut extremely thin. Deposits are situated on the coast (hence the name) and can only be reached by boat and mined during low tide.

The deposit formed as a rhyolite flow but was completely silicified. Rhyolitic eyes or orbs come in an impressive variety of shades and color combinations. The background can be white, blue, green, red, or yellow. The druzy formations are commonly used both in botryoid, white, and deep green.

The complete guide Ocean jasper sphere, Helen Grade A Jade

Ocean Jasper Properties

The benefits of ocean jasper jewelry

It is the best stone to use when you feel a little down, and you need a little uplift. It brings feelings of joy, satisfaction, and elevated spirits, helping you to release negative emotions and energy so your faith can shine through. relieve your stress.
Fast every ancient civilization has in some way harnessed and used the healing properties of jasper. It is the most powerful way to relieve tension, such as sadness, nervous, or overwhelming.

Ocean jasper is also very good for yoga and meditation. Using the technique of Zen meditation, look on the stone, and notice its unique radiographer and soft, stupid shades covering a broad spectrum of colors. There is also a sense of spiritual and psychological protection in Ocean Jasper.

The healing properties of the stone will help Everybody and it is honestly a stone everyone should have in their set of crystals! Often it’s called cellular jasper since its powerful healing forces are thought to function on a deep cellular level.

It was prized by ancient Egyptians. They carved Jasper amulets with symbols and descriptions, then buried them with their mummified remains, believing that this stone would provide a safe passage to the afterlife.

Ocean jasper’s color variations.

The ocean jasper is a variant of chalcedony and agate. The main component is silicon dioxide, which forms special colors and textures with iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and other elements. Some have concentrated patterns, usually in-band or spot form. It includes different elements and has a range of colors, such as bright red, medium red, reddish-brown, dark blue, black, and white. Brittle, undefined cleavage, fracture in shell-shaped form, with wax or luster. Also known as ocean stone.

The complete guide Ocean jasper sphere, Helen Grade A Jade

Ocean Jasper Properties

Wear Ocean Jasper Bracelet while feeling lonely or in the dumps. The calming properties of Ocean Jasper include: raising spirits, giving joy and happiness feelings, and helping to release negative feelings/thought/emotion. Experience the raising of your spirits, the transcendence of constructive energies, and watch your faith skyrocket!

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The complete guide Ocean jasper sphere, Helen Grade A Jade

Ocean Jasper Bracelet