Jade Earrings

Chinese jade earrings,
People outside of China rarely make jade earrings because the source of jade is Myanmar. Although Myanmar produces jade stone, the best jade craftsmanship is concentrated in the Guangdong area where skilled craftsmen can make beautiful jade earrings. Our factory is located in China.
The real jade earrings produced by our factory are rare in the market.
In the Western world for many years, people do not know that Jade has the treatment. With the increasing promotion of jade knowledge, there are more and more people like genuine jade and high-quality jade, there are so many jade products on the market. It is even more difficult to distinguish between real goods and fake goods. We solemnly promise. We only sell real jade, Lifetime guarantees the authenticity of the jade.
Where can I buy high-quality jade earrings?
Some of our jade are inlaid with gold 18K and some are inlaid with 14K gold, and there are emerald earrings inlaid with 925 silver to meet the needs of different consumers. in order that all the people come to our store and can buy the product you need.

Jade jewelry is different from diamond jewelry, it has a uniqueness in the world. You can’t find a piece of identical jade jewelry, which makes our jade jewelry more precious.
carved jade earrings are indispensable decorations in life.
The jade is elegant, and this is something that other gems cannot match. All the jade products sold by our company are pure natural, and untreated Burmese jade, Please feel free to buy.

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