Authentic jade its surface is smooth and delicate, and the color is bright, it has been regarded as a treasure by people since ancient times. Many people now like to wear jade jewelry, but jade also has true and false in the market, you need to pay attention when buying, here is a brief introduction to the method of identifying true and fake jade.

Natural jade jewelry

Natural jade jewelry

Identification by weight. Authentic jade is heavier than fake jade

Because the density of the jadeite itself will be relatively large, we can put the jadeite on the surface of our hands and shake it a few times and feel that there will be heavy downward pressure on the hand. It may be true jadeite.
And when the fake jade is held in the hand, it will be a light feeling, and there will be no downward pressure. This is a good identification method for medium-sized jadeite.

Identification by hardness.real jade is hard.

Fake Type B jade bangle

Fake Type B jade bangle

The hardness of real jade is very high, we can use sharp nails or knives and other iron-hard objects to scratch or scratch the surface of the jade. If it is real jade, there will be a slippery feeling on the surface of the jade And it will not leave any scratches.
The fake jadeite scratches the surface with a hard object, which will scratch the surface and leave obvious scratches on the surface.

Identify by tapping the sound. Natural grade A jade the tapping sound is crisp, and fake jade’s tapping sound is always dull.

We can tie the jadeite with a rope, then lift the jadeite with the rope by hand, and then use a hardwood stick to gently hit the jadeite. If it is a genuine product, the sound is very crisp.

If it is fake jadeite, the sound is dull.
Identified by the color gloss of the surface. Burma jadeite has a natural shine and Type B or C jade has a dark surface.
Really jadeite is very smooth to the touch by hand, and it will look very shiny in the sun. The internal patterns are also very delicate and cool.
The fake jadeite feels rough by hand, the surface is not very smooth, the color is dark and dull, and there may be bubbles inside.
Dyed fake jade bangle

Dyed fake jade bangle

Some fake bracelets are dark in color, which may cover up many flaws, but on the other hand, they are also very obvious. As shown in the figure, its color is as if painted, scattered, and without roots, and the dense pits can be seen on the surface. If you wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, you may still be able to wipe it down.

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