Jade Dragon Pendant

a jade dragon pendant is about the history
The dragon is our auspicious totem since ancient times. dragons symbolized ancient kings, and also symbolized rights, power, and honor.

Therefore, many of the dragon medals in the jadeite are very aggressive, mainly to highlight the dragon’s honor and atmosphere. Many men, especially successful men, have a soft spot for dragons.

In ancient times, people represented the king as dragons, and the king’s robes were also symbols of power. Therefore, the Emerald Dragon has a very good implication, that is, the person wearing it means that you can hold the weight, and people respected you. Particularly suitable for successful people.

secondly. The pronunciation of “Dragon” is similar to that of “Long”, so the Jade Dragon pendant also has the meaning of lucky, which means that the business is booming

finally. In the legend, the dragon’s life span is very long, so the jade dragon brand also means healthy longevity. It is a good choice to buy a jade dragon pendant.
jade dragon pendant requires high-quality jade gemstone and large size.
When we choose materials to make the jade dragon brand, we often choose the more perfect stone, and also large size Burmese jadeite stone, in order to show the dragon’s atmosphere and temperament. In the engraving, the completion of one-stop carving often takes a long time. our engraver is very detailed and able to describe everything on the dragon body. Therefore, normally, the Jade Dragon is expensive. Our jade factory is able to accept the customization of the dragon brand’s production.

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