For some they are only beautiful gemstones to put in jewelry, however, for many, these precious gemstones are filled with meaning. In astrology, there are birthstones ascribed for each month of the year based on their properties and what they represent.

gemstones and their colors have always been surrounded by mystique. In astrology each month is associated with one of these gemstones, giving it a special meaning. Many people believe in their energy and use them as a kind of amulet and jewelry has been incorporating them into their designs for centuries.

And, although the traits of our personality are often associated with the position of the stars, the truth is that “some
gemstones relate better energetically to the planets that govern our birth.

The colors of the gems are also surrounded by significance, as Salazar explains, “most of the energy vibration comes out of the colors of the gemstones.” Thus, red is linked with passion, circulation and blood; pink with pure love and transparent glass with health, harmony and meditation.

It has become very common to give jewelry with the
birthstone to our friends and family on special days, or even use gemstones with which we identify even those of our month, but do we know about their meaning? Discover what’s behind every birthstone.

January: Garnet

Garnet signifies the happiness and fulfillment of dreams. The color by which it is most known is red-purple, however, it can be found in
green, yellow, or orange colors. It is credited with the ability to lift the spirits and provide confidence to his bearers. It is the gemstone of loyalty and is ideal for pregnant women.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst is the protector and guardian of the mind. It grants tranquility and inner peace. Its energy is protective and keeps its bearers away from addictions and bad habits. Its purple color makes it especially striking and those who carry it most trust its intuition and maintain its essence. This
stone is also known to help balance the nervous system.

March: Aquamarine

Like amethyst, Aquamarine gemstone is protective. It is associated with youth, vitality, and abundance. Improve our communication skills and
highlight our strengths. Its energy strengthens the immune system and helps with diseases of the throat and thyroid.

April: Diamond

The diamond is the king of all gems. It’s the gemstone of clarity. It signifies sincerity, love, and resistance. Diamond is associated with prosperity and
strength. It brings positive energy in your life.

May: Emerald

Prosperity, compassion, and grace, these are the main attributes of the emerald. It’s appeasing so it relates to patience and good luck. It is a
stone of attraction and abundance. Its energy is powerful and helps the
eyesight, heart, and liver.

June: Pearl

It projects purity and protects us against bad energy.
The pearl attracts love and arouses passions. It is associated with fertility, comforts the heart, and soothes the mind. It is appreciated
for its simplicity and beauty.

July: Caroline or ruby gemstones

Some months are associated with two gems, as in the case of July. First, there is Coraline, the gemstone of strength and purification. It unleashes and restores energy that empowers us to accomplish our goals. Secondly, there is Ruby, the gemstone of self-esteem, passion, and romance. It fills us with optimism and wisdom to deal with any situation. It augurs success and affluence.

August: Jade gemstone

Jade birthstone embodies power and strength. It motivates us to receive success and to manage anxiety. It takes away negative energies, decreases stress, and allows us to maintain optimism. It promotes observation and awakens the qualities of leadership.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire is a symbol of happiness and dynamism. It is the gemstone of enjoyment and enthusiasm. It grants wisdom to the wearer, wards away
melancholy and sadness while exuding harmony and light. It helps maintain good health.

October: Tourmaline or Opal gemstones

Again two gemstones represent the same month. Tourmaline is the gemstone of healing. It helps calm the troubled mind and acts as a barrier against misfortune. It projects love, tranquility, and security. The Opal symbolizes confidence and tranquility. It balances energies and protects against fears and worries.

November: Citrine or topaz

Prosperity and success are what these gemstones project. Citrine is associated with lucidity and clarity of thought. It heals fatigue and helps us to realize our desires. For its part, Topaz is calming, focuses the mind, and allows us to work for success in achieving our dreams.

December: Turquoise

It symbolizes good luck and fortune. It is a protective gemstone that symbolizes loyalty and serenity. It allows the bearer to connect with their essence and achieve prosperity. It exalts our capabilities for oratory and is a bearer of success.

Now that you know what each of the gemstones relates to each month o the year, listen to your intuition and choose the one that appeals to you the most, even if it’s not your birth month.