Jade Seals/Statue

Jade Seals: The meaning of the jade and jade foo dogs Auspicious
In the legend of the lion, it always helps people get rid of disasters and bring good luck. Therefore, people often use stone lions at the door to avoid evil and town and block all evil forces outside the house. Like a beast, it can bring peace and good fortune. Right – the jade and jade lions often appear in pairs, meaning…
jade foo dogs are simple but contain profound meaning. Jadeite foo dogs are always associated with other mascots.
Some are a pair of jade lions at the same time. Some are jade lions playing flower balls, sometimes big lions accompanying lion cubs. foo dogs Stand tall and often in front of the gate as a pair. Like a warrior in a struggle. The spirit of courage that makes people feel supreme.

Chinese jade foo dogs often appear in pairs, The lion enjoys the reputation of the king of beasts, and wearing the jade and jade lions highlights the rights conferred by noble status.
jade pendant Suitable people.
we often made jade foo dogs into sculptures and appeared in pairs. In ancient China, people lived in houses, so some wealthy people would have them made of two stones at the door to stay away from evil monsters. nowadays, we all live in the building,  slowly people began to do some small sculptures, and put it in the display cabinet can also achieve the role of blessing peace.

Children wear – children wearing jade and jade lions can help them to protect their lives and grow healthily. Parents give their children a jade and jade lion. I hope that the child will be as noble and auspicious as a lion in the future. It is a good wish for the future life of the child.

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