Phantom Quartz

What is a phantom crystal?

Phantom Quartz is also a type of crystal. Its main characteristic is that it has bits of volcanic marl and other minerals in it. The real gift of nature is phantom crystals, which formed slowly over tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years. Vision crystals are, of course, part of the family of crystals.

Phantom Quartz, commonly known as angel phantom quartz, is a kind of quartz. The amphibole quartz gem is a particular variety of quartz stones that come from Brazil.

it is a gemstone consisting of natural components categorized in the ‘amphibole’ supergroup. This makes it one of the most sought-after and distinctive inclusions in any rare gemstone collection.

Phantom Quartz has a sweet, floral scent and is often violet in color.

Crystals are normally either green or white, Most of the green ghosts are pyramids or layers of fog inside. The layers look like green fog, so they are called “green ghosts.” White ghosts work the same way.

  • The red ghost: ghost crystal is one of the most prevalent types of ghost crystals. People who have encountered red ghosts are typically mesmerized by them due to their striking appearance and abundance of naturally occurring minerals.
  • Green Ghost: It attracts money. The cornucopia-shaped green ghost brings luck. Many successful businessmen wear green ghost accessories.
  • Yellow ghost: Along with the two common ghost species, the yellow ghost is popular. Bright colors attract prosperity. It also corresponds to the human solar wheel and can treat various gastrointestinal issues. Improve health.
  • White ghost: Crystal. White ghosts are usually spars. White ghosts also rejuvenate and improve memory. It can boost student performance and office worker morale. Perform better.
  • Black ghost: Phantom inclusions of carbon or manganese in black phantom quartz often resemble a termination point from an earlier growth stage.

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