Jade Pendant

Each jade pendant conveys a unique set of feelings and interpretations.

How well-versed are you on the symbolism of jade pendants? Do you know what they symbolize, like the pendants we always wear?

‘Ruyi” jade pendant

The word “Ruyi” in the Ruyi jade pendant has a clear meaning: “Everything goes well.” It’s best to send it to your parents because that means everything will go well for you in the future. At the same time, it is a sign of prosperity and good luck. Send it as a sign of respect to your friends.

Gourd Pendant

Fulu is the same word as a gourd, so in folk jade, gourd means good luck and blessing. At the same time, the gourd has many seeds, which means that it means to have more children and more good things happen to you. It is especially good for couples who just got married and want to wish for a baby to come soon.

Bean Pendant

The Fudou pendant means “full of happiness,” “the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked,” “new hope,” and “a new beginning.” jade bean pendant also means peace and obedience.

It is a symbol of good luck and beauty, and people who wear it can get lucky. It also means a lot of children and a lot of good things. Fudou means “a house full of children and grandchildren,” which is a way of wishing for a happy family.

Jade pendants fit Chinese culture. Jadeite jewelry is popular. People believe jade pendants bring optimism and satisfaction. Jadeite pendants are popular jewelry and art. Jadeite pendants calm shocks, fend against good luck and protect against evil.

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