Ocean Jasper Bangles

Ocean Jasper is a kind of silica-based Jasper (Silica Dioxide) that also goes by the names Orbicular Jasper and Cellular Jasper. Colors, as varied as green, brown, blue, yellow, grey, white, pink, and red, can be seen in the orb-like patterns that define it.

This uncommon mineral has only one known locality and getting there presents exceedingly tough conditions. Miners must wait till low tide to access the cliff by boat in order to collect this material. It is located in the city of Marovato in the district of Ambolobozo, in the region of Sofia in the province of Mahajanga in Madagascar’s northeastern region.

Ocean Jasper Bangles is an excellent stone for aiding in the healing and resolution of emotions, relationships, and, most importantly, oneself.

Ocean jasper bangles can help balance the body and mind, stabilize emotions, increase courage, eliminate negative energy, make the head clearer, know how to think carefully and not be impetuous, and then make things more stable.

We suggest that you carry this stone with you when you share sensitive feelings that you have kept to yourself. It’s a good stone to keep in your pocket before your next therapy session. We also recommend this stone to couples who are having trouble making their relationship feel right. Ocean Jasper helps people feel more confident and at ease with themselves. It also makes it easier for them to speak their true selves.

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