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Helen Grade Jade is an internet based business that specializes in authentic grade A jade jewelry since 2012. We know for our premium quality jade jewelry.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. We deal in affordable and authentic jade jewelry. Our specialty is sourcing jade jewelry is crafte into novelty pieces that are exquisite in appearance and texture.

We aim to provide Grade A jade jewelry with excellent longevity to anywhere you are in the world. The jade used in each of our pieces looks magnificent when each facet contracts the light and sparkles with a radiant vibe. Our store offers jade pendants, jade bangles, jade rings, jade statues, we can accept all kind of jade designs to match your requires, and can mosaic jade in silver or 18K gold bases for our customers.

We source for the best quality Grade A jade from factory directly. All jade gemstone comes from Burma and produced in Guangdong factories. Our Jade guaranteed and if you notice a dyed jade. We will take care that you get ten times back.

As one of the leading online jade jewelry store, we are confident you will find a perfect jewelry for you. Our collection offers exciting and fresh pieces each time. They priced at very reasonable rates. Are you ready to start your jade shopping spree?
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