Black Jade Jewelry

Black jade jewelry is a new variety of jade.

In northern Myanmar, where jadeite is mined, there is a type of black jadeite called “Ink jade.”

Ink jade is a kind of jadeite. Ink jade’s main mineral is omphacite, which also has small amounts of jadeite, sodium chrome pyroxene, albite, tremolite, and other minerals.

Except for the different colors, other characteristics of black jadeite are almost exactly the same as those of other colors of jadeite. Compared with other emeralds, its biggest feature is that it looks black in appearance, but shows an attractive green color under transmitted light

In Myanmar, this stone is also called “the shadow of a lover” or “the shadow of a successful man.” The name “Lover’s Shadow” comes from the fact that she looks like the black and bright hair of the fairies in the Buddhist scriptures.

Black and glossy in normal light, clear in bright light. Dark green is wonderful. This lovely color is termed “the shadow of a lover” because it resembles a man’s heart. It’s termed “the shadow of a successful man” because it seems like a tall figure following a successful man.

in Myanmar, only dignitaries or famous people in politics or business know how to own and appreciate Mo Cui. This is because Mo Cui is not only the shadow of a loved partner or the person you want but also a symbol of endless wealth and glory.

It’s new. Many people are curious about black jade. Ink jade is a rare jadeite loved for its dual color.

Black Jade is an etheric bodyguard and a stone of protection.

Black jade’s elemental energy barriers protect the body from negative forces, energy vampires, and angry, aggressive people. It resists morphogenic zones of bad energy, such as media-projected dread and violence, and is helpful in war or world crises. Black Jade encourages introspection. It enables honest self-evaluation and transforms toxic feelings.


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