Black Jade Jewelry

Black jade jewelry is a new type of jade.
It has only become popular in recent years. Many people are new to the term black jade, and more and more people are very curious about it.

In fact, it is not a high-grade jade, but it is buried in Deep in the surface, and limited in production. So far the emerald market has a market share of less than 2%, coupled with its unique hidden color features, coupled with Chinese carving art and jade culture. However, it is very attractive. It’s beauty and rarity makes it worth a lot.
Black Jade is an etheric bodyguard and a stone of protection.

Black jade has strong elemental energy shields not only for physical body but also against negative forces or entities, energy vampires and people projecting anger and aggression. It defends against morphogenic fields of negative energy, such as the fear and violence projected through the media, and is particularly helpful in times of war or world crisis. Black Jade is also an important tool for looking inward. It allows for honest self-evaluation and helps absorb and transform unhealthy and destructive emotions.

Black jade’s value
The quality of the ink has a great influence on the price of the ink. Good black jade has a fine texture, compact structure, uniformity, and good transparency. It is black as ink, but it is green, green is black, black is green, and there are no obvious flaws and defects. The price of ink is also very high.

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