Jade Donuts Jewelry

jade donuts jewelry is a traditional Chinese mascot.
Its appearance is smooth and versatile, jade donuts jewelry is in line with the “Doct of the Mean” in Chinese traditional culture. The shape of the safety buckle is very similar to the shape of the ancient copper coin.

The harmony between the “small circle” and the “big circle” is perfectly consistent, symbolizing the high harmony between man and nature, and people can naturally be healthy and disease-free.

Most parents choose to wear jade donuts jewelry for their children to protect their spirits. In addition, people raise jade, jade raises people, and jade good health buckles can nourish children’s body.
round bucket jade pendant is popular in worldwide
in China as a perfect meaning, people like round things, it has a good meaning, that is, everything has a very good ending. In our western world, people’s understanding of shapes and the love of shape decorations is also a trend. The jadeite buckle is a very popular product. We have a lot of Western friends who also like the round shape.

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