Jade Bangle

A bracelet is a ring ornament worn on the wrist. the jade bangle is one of the most expensive jewelry in the world
In addition to gold, silver, and jade, the material is also made of plant vines.
The bracelet has a long history and originated from the transition period from the matriarchal society to the paternal society.

According to the relevant literature, in ancient times, both men and women wear bracelets, women as a symbol of marriage, and men as a symbol of identity or work nature. In ancient society, people also thought that wearing bracelets can avoid evil or encounter good luck.
every woman wants a jade bracelet
Among the treasures of jewelry, jadeite occupies an important position, and the jade bracelet has become the love of the majority of women. The jade bracelet is not only a jewelry accessory but also a symbol of faith and taste.

In the jade bracelet, the ice jade bracelet is popular for its transparent and radiant texture. Every woman wants to have an ice jade bracelet as her own personal treasure jewelry.
jade bangle’s value related to transparency and colors:
Because Jade has his uniqueness, each jade bracelet is different. This made us hard to choose the jade bangle, especially with the price.

in general, the jade bracelet is mainly related to the following factors: firstly it is the Transparency. The second is that it’s color, the third is the textures, There is a little factor about the weight of the jade.

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