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The union of design and craftsmanship is the key to our new concept of Jade jewelry. Here you’ll find artisan jewelry of an exquisite quality, and exclusive jewels that tell a story. At HELEN GRADE A JADE buying Jade online becomes an experience that allow you to feel special and unique.

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What We Make

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Jade Rings

Wearing jade allows the trace elements contained within the jadeite to be slowly absorbed by the body, resulting in a positive effect on your health and well-being.

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Jade Necklaces

Jade necklaces have medicinal properties. Everyone would benefit from a decorative ornament that is also good for their health.

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Jade Earings

The variety of jade earrings makes it a popular choice among women. Wearing natural jade earrings is also beneficial to the human body’s Fengshui.

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What we do

Handmad Jewelry Made With Love

Authentic jade has a smooth and delicate surface and a bright colour; it has been regarded as a treasure by people since ancient times. Many people now like to wear jade jewellery, but jade also has true and false in the market.

Our natural jadeite is mined in Myanmar and processed in China into a variety of jadeite jewellery. Each of our jadeite artisans has many years of experience in jadeite processing ,and  based on jadeite’s natural properties, unique styles are created to ensure that our customers have the best options under natural stone conditions.

We guarantee that our jadeite is pure natural, A-grade jadeite that has not been chemically treated,  jadeite identification certificate in English is available.

Why choose us

Our company has access to all legitimate sources of goods. Helen handpicks each piece of jade jewellery, and she is solely responsible for the jade’s quality. Our jade has a 7-day no-reason return policy and a lifetime guarantee of authenticity; if you find any chemical treatments in our products, we will refund your money immediately and compensate you tenfold.

Quick delivery:

We provide second business day handling time, Our products are already in Australia, ensuring that the parcel is shipped out the next business day. We use international standard shipping with tracking, which typically takes 10 business days. Insurance is required when the value of the goods exceeds $500 USD.

Payment method that is secure:

PayPal, Credit card and Afterpay are  accepted.

The most genuine jade jewellery at the lowest price

Our jade is genuine natural Burmese jade, and we have the most authentic jade at the best price. There is no third-party intermediary between us and the consumer because we are the jade manufacturer. Our products are sold directly from our factory to consumers, and our prices are extremely competitive. After careful selection, we ensure that it is a natural chemical-free A-jade. The engraving workers designed different jade products based on the materials, ensuring that each piece of jade jewellery is stunning.

Jade Experts Since 2004

Helen has been involved in jade trading for 15 years, our jade resources, there are jade earrings, jade pendant, jade bracelet, jade beads, jade rings, basically including all jade products, Helen has always been pushing the Asian jade jewellery to the world, making continuous efforts, let people know about jade, this is not only a commercial sale but also a cultural promotion.