Jade Gemstone And Jewelry Guide

What is Jade?
The Jade is a semiprecious gem culturally very important in Eastern countries, where it is considered as a symbol of purity and peace. Other than asian countries, this gemstone has great cultural value in different parts of the world, where is used in sculptures, carvings and jewelry, such as necklaces rings and bracelets.

In asian countries such as China, and japan, there are many cultural and religious beliefs about jade. For last few thousands years it has been associated with royalty, as it was adorned by the royals, aristocrats, and the religious leaders, and it’s considered to possesses a high spiritual value for its beauty.

Properties of Jade
The energy of the jade is associated with the fourth chakra, which is the heart, that is why it is related to emotional health. The green stones have common properties and virtues from which it is possible to benefit, and we will show below.

  • Spiritual properties
    Eliminates negative energies, and possessing a decorative object such as a vase or sculpture made of Jade will remove the bad energy from the house. If you use the stone as a personal charm, as a ring or bracelet, it can bring good luck; It is very beneficial for meditation and relaxation of the mind.
  • Emotional properties
    Green jade helps to achieve calm, peace and serenity; The most interesting thing is that it believe to attract or maintain love.
  • Physical properties
    In relation to the physical properties of jade, it is said that it helps to strengthen the body’s defences and renal function; It helps strengthen fertility and childbirth. It can help create calm, relaxing the nerves to live a quiet life.

Types of Jade, color and properties:
There are two types of jade stone: Jadeite and Nephite, the latter is more common and easier to find; unlike the jadeite which is harder to find, which makes it rare and more valuable. Both jade stones have healing properties in oriental cultures and each color is specific to a certain ailment or organ.

  • Jadeite Jade: It is a mineral of green color apple to green emerald or white and has brightness. There may be variations in color such as jade green, red, black, blue, lilac, purple, violet, white even pink; but the most used and valued for jewelry is the dark emerald green called imperial jade. These gems can be found mostly in East Asia, Myanmar, South China, Tibet and Venezuela.
  • Nephrite Jade: This variety is hard, fine granulated actinolite, is more common and less valuable unlike jadeite. It is composed of magnesium or iron calcium silicate, from metamorphic rocks. As for the color it is usually translucent and opaque, normally in light green, mottled and dark tones. It is easily distinguished from jadeite by its brightness and because it splinters when cracked; It can be found in Canada, China, the United States, New Zealand, Taiwan and Central Asia.

Why buy Jade Jewelry?
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