Jade bangles are typically measured by the interior diameter of the bangle.

To measure the size of a jade bangle, wrap a soft measuring tape around the inside of the bangle and record the measurement in inches or centimeters. 

For buyers, the size of the jade bracelet is critical. The palm’s size, fatness, thinness, softness, and hardness affect the size of a jade bangle. Big ones are too loose, and small ones are too tight and uncomfortable, so knowing what size bracelet you are wearing is also a popular topic.


1. Use rope or soft ruler to measure

When choosing the size of the bracelet, depends on the diameter of the inner circle of the bracelet. Cuiyou can follow the way in the picture, put the thumb and little finger as close together as possible, measure the length with a rope or a soft ruler, and then divide it by 3.14, which is the size of the inner circle of the bracelet that suits you.

Jade Jewelry : How to measure bangle size, Helen Grade A Jade

how to measure jade bangle size

2. Measure the widest part of the palm

Use a ruler (soft ruler) to measure the width of the palm (except the thumb). The measured size should be based on the following corresponding data to choose a bracelet with a suitable inner diameter.


Jade Jewelry : How to measure bangle size, Helen Grade A Jade

jade bangle size measure chart

Alternatively, measure an existing bangle 

Jade Jewelry : How to measure bangle size, Helen Grade A Jade

measure the metal bangle’s inner size to find out the jade bangle’s size

Measure the size of the known bracelet

you can use a ruler to measure the diameter of the bangle by placing the ruler across the inside of the bangle and recording the measurement.
When the size is measured, you can try it on to see if it fits. For the convenience of trying it on, you can apply some hand oil or soap on your hands, put your four fingers together and slowly turn it inward. If it is a bit tight, ask someone to help you. Simply slip the bracelet into your wrist.

The above methods are all available. Some people like to wear it a little looser. When choosing, choose a ring mouth that is 1-2 mm larger, so that put on and taken off more easily. There are also some people who are used to wearing smaller bracelets or don’t plan to take them off after wearing them. In this case, they will reduce the size by 1 to 2 mm.
If you already have a jade bracelet and want to know the size of the bracelet, just find a ruler and measure the inside diameter of the bracelet

Here’s how to know the size of a bangle to be able to buy it online, without having to return it.

The process of measuring to know the size of my bangle is quite simple. Before doing so, you should know that the bangle should fit with a sufficient margin to slide a little over your wrist so that it is comfortable to put it on and take it off, and it’s not excessively tight.