Here’s how to know the size of a bangle to be able to buy online, without having to return it.

The process of measuring to know the size of my bangle is quite
simple. Before doing so, you should know that the bangle should fit with a sufficient margin to slide a little over your wrist so that it is comfortable to put it on and take it off, and it’s and not be excessively tight.

So how do I know what your Jade bangle size is?

Ideally, you’d need a thin string, cut several strips of the cord or thin string, 19 cm, 20 cm, etc.,

Then wrap it around your wrist as if it were a bangle (with some margin), the one that best fits would be the right measure.
measure wrist size for bangle

If you don’t want to cut the fine string, what you can do is surround the wrist leaving a sufficient margin and mark the point where they form a circle. Once it’s marked, you measure it with a ruler or a meter.

If you don’t have a string, you can cut a strip of paper about 2 cm wide, wrap the wrist with the strip and check that it’s tight but wide enough to slide over your wrist ( the margin you’d like to

However, the best way is to use a flexible measuring tape and get exact measurement by wrapping it around your wrist, leaving enough gap so that it’s not tight on the wrist.

Standard sizes for bangles for women:

When you order a bangle, you want it to fit you. Most women feel comfortable wearing a 16cm-sized bracelet that is the standard size. Men have an average wrist size of 18 cm. The bangle usually rests between the hand and the wrist bone, which is the most attractive place.

Bangle standard sizes:

Xs 15 cm
S 16 cm
M 17 cm
L 18 cm
Xl 19 cm
Xxl 20 cm
Xxxl 21 cm