Jade jewelry care tips

Avoid sweat oil

  • It is very important to take care of jade jewelry because all kinds of dirt left after use will contain acidic or alkaline substances, which will contaminate the surface of jadeite, so try to avoid dust or oil as much as possible.
  • Jade jewelry care needs to Avoid sweating. Human sweat contains salt, urea, and volatile fatty acids. If these ingredients are in long-term contact with jade. It will slowly erode the outer layer of jadeite, which will damage the surface and gloss of jadeite.
  • The original transparent jade will become eclipsed. Therefore, when the temperature is high in summer, if you wear jade accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces, you should wipe them off frequently to minimize the erosion and damage of sweat to jade.
  • At the same time, avoid contact with oil. If it is exposed to oil for a long time, it is easy to stick to the surface of the jade bracelet, which will greatly affect its luster. Sometimes the dirty oil will fill the cracks of the jade jewelry, which is very unsightly. Try not to bring jadeite into the kitchen at ordinary times, and reduce the contact with oil fume, so as to reduce the damage to jadeite.

Prevent collisions

Jade is wear-resistant and Mohs hard, but fragile. Jades are untouchable when hard. When a hard object hits brittle jadeite, its molecular structure is disrupted and black fissures form. When examined attentively, it is broken despite appearing entirely to the unassisted sight. Bumped jades lose their perfection and worth. When storing jadeite, use a soft jewelry box. More than two pieces of jewelry must be wrapped in flannelette to minimize impact damage.

During daily wear, if there is a collision and cracks occur, it will affect the appearance of the jewelry at least, and it will be scrapped directly at worst. Therefore, it is very important to handle jade ornaments with care and avoid collisions.

 Avoid exposure to the sun

Because any high heat and high temperature will cause thermal expansion of the object, and the same is true for jadeite. Never expose jadeite to sunlight, because strong sunlight will increase the molecular volume of jadeite, which will metamorphose the quality of jade and affect the texture of jade. For the same reason, jadeite should not be impacted by steam, let alone boiling water

 Avoid drying

Jade grows in places where there is a lot of water on the ground and underground, so the stone is full of water.It won’t get enough water if it’s in a dry place and not cared for. It will dry out and crack if it doesn’t get enough water. Jade will lose its shine if it has too many cracks.Therefore, Jade jewelry care is very important, avoid placing jadeite in an environment that is too dry for a long time, because it will easily evaporate water and damage the quality of jade. If you don’t wear it for a long time, you should take it out regularly and put it in the water overnight to replenish the lost water, so as not to dry out the water head and lose its original beauty and value.2. How to properly maintain

The chemical properties of jadeite are very stable, and maintenance is relatively easy. As long as you can do the following points, you can take good care of the jade

Correct Jade jewelry care methods

Wash Jade jewelry using clean water to remove dust and oil stains, then dry it with cotton soaked in alcohol or a soft towel. Dusty jade. If jade has dust stains, clean it with a delicate brush or soft white cloth. Jade is a precious stone. Soak jade-inlaid ornaments in water for 30 minutes. then scrub them with a brush and dry them with soft paper.

Wear or take off to prevent broken. When wearing or removing, do so on a sofa or carpet. Prevent jadeite from accidentally falling to the ground and causing damage.

Check the red rope regularly. When wearing jade pendants, check the red string and necklace for wear and tear and replace them if necessary.