Bi Jade (Jasper)

Jasper (Bi Jade), A type of Hetian jade that has a higher mineral content, and people often just call it  “jade”, It’s green and opaque, almost translucent, or semitransparent. Iron oxide and clay particles may make up more than 20% of the material’s minerals.

Depending on the location of its discovery, people classify them as Xinjiang jasper (Bi Jade), Tuojiang jasper, Russian jasper, Canadian jasper, New Zealand jasper, or California jasper.

Green jasper is a type of jasper that is dark green and has a name that means “green stone.” we use it to make jewelry, and people believe that wearing such an item will give them protection, courage, and balance. It is also thought to have both healing and calming effects.

Jasper (Bi Jade) is a type of nephrite that has a translucent appearance and a greenish-spinach tint. Its color and structure are not uniform, and it may contain bands and clusters of epidote and magnetite.

Nephrite has a Mohs hardness between 6.5 and 7 and contains tremolite-actinolite. It’s a calcium-magnesium-iron silicate. Smooth with a shine like oil or wax. Handicrafts and kitchenware are its main uses. Chinese jade crafters call nephrite (typically green) created outside China jasper.

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