silver 925 jewelry

Silver jewelry is famous worldwide because of its vibrant hues, unusual designs, high-quality workmanship, and inexpensive costs.

The international standard for silver jewelry around the world is 925 silver. it has  92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy. The alloy is used to improve the shine, hardness, and brightness of the silver. This makes the silver perfect in terms of its hardness, shine, and resistance to oxidation. And different gems can be set into it.

Since Tiffany launched the first set of silver jewelry with a silver content of 925 per thousand in 1851, 925 silver has become popular, so the silver jewelry on the market uses 925 as the standard for identifying whether it is pure silver.

Since then, it has quickly become popular all over the world because it is brightly colored, has a unique look, is well-made, and the price is not high as gold.

The standard for jewelry around the world is 925 silver. The difference between 925 silver and 9.999 silver is that 9.999 silver is very pure, soft, and hard to work with.

When people add 7.5% of an alloy to pure silver, its shine, brightness, and hardness get better. This gives it the best possible hardness, brightness, shine, and antioxidant qualities. With jewels set into it.

Many jewels are inlaid with sterling silver because it is less expensive than precious metals like gold and platinum. At the same time, people will not pay too much attention to the authorities due to the low price; there is much fake silver and silver-plated jewelry claimed as 925 sterling silver. making it hard for customers to thoroughly identify the authenticity of 925 silver.

we guarantee that our silver 925 is up to international standards. All of our items are crafted from only the highest quality materials and inspected for quality assurance before being shipped.

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