Red Agate

Nanhong red agate, or Nanhong for short, is a type of agate that is especially delicate and lovely.

Nanhong agate is a rare kind in my nation with a delicate texture. The output is limited. It is known as ‘Southern Red’ because it is produced in southwest China, Yunnan, southern Sichuan, Qinghai, and Gansu, and the agate as a whole is vivid red.

Agate is one of Buddhism’s seven jewels. It was first considered to be created from a horse’s brain. This stone was given the name agate once Buddhism was brought into China.

Nanhong is a broad word for a type of natural red agate that has recently been created in southwest China. It is mostly red in color and has a wet and energetic aspect. It incorporates the concept of area and stresses the origin of the natural red color as well as professional A frequent moniker used by industry participants has three interpretations of term agate.

Nanhong agate, a precious agate, is a jade upstart. Better-quality Nanhong agate costs tens of thousands. Nanhong jewellery, previously 1000 yuan, has increased in price. There are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Nanhong items, and most collectors are hopeful about the future of Nanhong agate, which drives up its price.

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