Jade Stone Ring

The Jade stone ring is not only beautiful in appearance, but it has very deep meaning.

There aren’t many beautiful legends about the jade ring. It’s because the meaning of jade ring gradually precipitates and transforms with time.

There is a very ancient saying that the jade ring and the shape of the sun and the moon Very similar, the sun can bring warmth and positive energy. The moon is chaste, beautiful, just like the gentle temperament that women themselves convey.

Latest wedding trends show that Jade rings are slowly replacing diamond rings for both bride and groom. It is beautiful, and the good meaning it represents is what the newlyweds look forward to in their married life.

The gold ring represents the sun and is suitable for men.
The silver ring represents the moon and is suitable for women. This also symbolizes the happiness of married life.

There is another legend which is more realistic. Legend has it that people in ancient times used to take items that represent their identity, but it was troublesome to hold for a long time, so people tried to add a small part of it to the ring for wearing.

Slowly, people found this decoration to look good, and after a long period of change, it became the ring of today.
Entering the modern era, the role of the jade ring tends to be decorated, wearing a jade ring, in order to set off its own extravagance and pray for peace and happiness.

At the same time, if you wear jade for a long time, the trace elements inside the jadeite will be slowly absorbed by the body to achieve positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

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