Jade Ruyi

“Jade Ruyi” is a rather unique product among jade carvings.

A traditionally auspicious item in China, “Jade Ruyi” is a rather unique product among jade carvings. according to pertinent sources,  the Eastern Han Dynasty was one of the court’s valuables during the Qing Dynasty.

It has a long handle linked to its head and the shape of it like a cloud or a Ganoderma lucidum, and a combination. The original “Jade Ruyi” originated from a scratching pole and an old wat. At that time, people used it to scratch itchy spots that they couldn’t reach out to, and since it was sort of like an extension of their hand, they named it “ruyi.”

Jade Ruyi means that everything goes well and good luck.

It means that everything goes well and good luck. As an auspicious object, it was very popular in daily life. Before ordinary people travel far, family members or friends will send it as an amulet to protect people, When Buddhist monks preach, they often use ‘Jade Ruyi’ as a prop to carry with them. When the emperor met with foreign envoys, he also presented ‘jade Ruyi’ to show the friendship between the two countries and the peace between the country and the people.

Time and history have expanded the use of jadeite Ruyi beyond ceremonial contexts and into commoners’ daily lives.

As a wedding gift, folks might make a precious jadeite Ruyi. If the youngster gets into a good school, a jade Ruyi would be a great gift.

At the same time, as a result of the requirements of a variety of events, the design of jade is steadily becoming more diverse, and a lot of mascot components and animal themes are frequently incorporated. We can see the combination of an elephant, a bear lizard, and a Ruyi; a fish, a Pixiu, and an emerald Ruyi; and a spider, cicada, mandarin duck, and a Ruyi. Each design has a unique set of connotations.

Different carving themes each have their unique meaning. For example, the gourd theme represents tranquility, longevity, health, and happiness, whereas the octopus motif represents making money from all directions.

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