Jade Ruyi

A jade pendant resembling a cloud shape, some with an auspicious animal next to it.we call it “Ruyi,” what is it?  Chinese explanation is completely in line with your mind.

In our jade carvings, there are many themes of wistfulness, but the core part is the structure of the shape of the cloud, The shape of the wish is basically the same as the cloud, very free and smooth.

In ancient times, people could not touch their back by hands, they needed something to extend their hands. For example, there is a little itchy behind your body, but your hand is out of reach, you will use such a thing like a stick, it has a cloud shape end that can help you, so people give it a name “ruyi”,means as you wish.
Jade Ruyi is a special product in jade carvings and is a traditional auspicious thing in China.
people first found this material in the Eastern Han Dynasty, it became one of the treasures of the court during the Qing Dynasty. The original “Jade of the Emerald” evolved from the ancient scorpion, people used it for scratch the body itch parts that couldn’t reach,

people used “jade ruyi”  widely. sometimes people use It as a self-defense device. As an auspicious thing, more and more people like it, people use it as a piece of jewelry.

Before the ordinary people travel, family or friends will give a jade ruyi to the relatives, and hope everything goes well with them.

when the Buddhist scriptures are used, the “Jade Ruyi” is often used as a prop with you. In the Qing Dynasty, “Jade Cuiyi” was the most widely used in the court.

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