The jade’s price is proportional to its rarity.

Nature is the foundation for collecting-worthy jade, followed by appreciation space. Due to the quality and rarity of raw materials, the market value of finished jadeite varies significantly.

People often ask about jade’s price, compare the transparency and color, and which one is more expensive. Both of these factors affect the value of jadeite.
Generally, transparent jadeite is expensive, As the saying, people who know jade will look at its transparency, and people who don’t know jade will only look at the color. that means transparency is so important.

Jade’s transparency.


Determinants of jade’s price, Helen Grade A Jade

Jade’s transparency is the general term for the combination of jadeite crystal particle size and is the most important and basic factor for evaluating and measuring the quality and jade’s price. The degree of transparency of a piece of jade will have a significant impact on its pricing, even if it has the same weight.

The transparency can range from milk type all the way up to the glass, which is the highest grade of jadeite. Other levels include white ice cubes, which represent the second-greatest level of transparency. Last but not least, some jade is opaque all the way through, despite the fact that it is the most frequent type. The jade’s price goes down from the top level to the bottom as the pictures show.





Determinants of jade’s price, Helen Grade A Jade

jade’s color range

Jade’s color

  • The most valuable color of jade is green, but there is no hard and fast rule about which color is the best; rather, it all depends on a number of different criteria.
  • When it comes to colors, the ones that are most frequently seen are green, purple, yellow, black, and red, followed by white. The higher the concentration, the greater the value.
  • There is no set rule that dictates one color’s value is greater than another; rather, this determination is based on a number of different criteria.
  • The value of black jade is often quite low, while jade that is highly transparent can command a high price. The cost of the green hue is considerable, but if there is no transparency at all, it is impossible for jade’s price to rise any further.
  • The jade that has a vibrant green color is the most expensive. If you choose blue-green or yellow-green, the cost is slightly lower.
  • There are some people who do not like the hue bright green. Some pendants come in a variety of colors, and those that do tend to appeal more to younger ladies.
  • It just depends on the tastes of the individual as to whether or not they are interested in green when they like purple. Jade’s price is affordable according to the conditions of your master budget.
  • Jade can have multiple colors at once, unlike other gemstones. Jade’s colors include red, green, purple, white, yellow, and black.

People have different ideas about which color of jadeite is the best. As people age and live in different parts, the jadeite hue they favor and its price will fluctuate. I think the best thing is to choose what you like best and can afford.