Are these stones all natural UNtreated grade A jade?

Yes, we only sell natural jadeite that has not been chemically treated; our entire store has no TYPE-B or TYPE-C jadeite.lifetime guaranteed autheticnity.


Does Jade Jewelry Come with an Appraisal Certificate?

It is really depending on the items suppliers. Some suppliers provided free certificates that were not fully English; if you want a fully English CERT, we can do it for you in Melbourne at a cost, or you can send it to a familiar laboratory yourself, we have a lifetime guaranteed Authenticity policy.

Where does jade come from?

All jade stones come from mining areas in Myanmar.It entered the Chinese factory after the auction on the China-Myanmar border market places.the auctions are hold a few times each year.

How do I know what is my bangle size? Can I return or exchange it after I received it ?

We strongly suggest you to find your correct size via Google search or by measuring an existed solid bracelet; we also have a blog about bracelet size. after all, if you find that you can’t wear it after receiving the goods, we accept 7 days no reason return or exchange; the shipping fee is not refundable.

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