Jade bracelet, green and transparent, many women like to wear on their left hand.

when they buy the jade bangle,  It is easy to see why most people wear jade bracelets on their left hand. Why?

why wear jade bangle on the left hand

  • the point of view of Chinese medicine:

the jade bracelet, when you touch it, it is very cold. Wearing it on the left hand can dredge the meridians of the human body.

It is very beneficial for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

At the same time, the feeling of coldness also eliminates people’s troubles.

Stability, the heart located in the left chest, wearing a jade bracelet, it will be better in the left hand, so from the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is closer to the heart, so it is better to wear it on the left hand.

  • From the point of view of convenience of life:

many people in life, we use the right hand to do things right handwriting, if it is worn on the right hand, it is very inconvenient, and also increases the risk to break, so it is reasonable for people to wear it on the left hand.

  • Third, from the traditional culture of China, in the traditional culture of China, jade is a yearning for a better life.

Jade pendants are often hung in places very close to the heart. And how about the jade bracelet? People feel that wearing on the left is closer to the heart and that the emphasis on, as the same as the jade bangle, the left hand is closer to the heart.

  • wearing jade bangle on the left hand from the Buddhist theory.

Buddhism regards the left hand as a clean hand, while the right hand is the hand that has been covered with sin, mainly Because people use the right hand to kill.

The unclean things are released from the right hand to the left hand.to keep the jade in on a clean hand, Energy can enter the human body from the there.

however, no matter which hand you chose to wear the jade bangle, it will change people’s blood circulation, also feng shui magnetic field, and bring good things to people.

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