Traditional Chinese jade jewelry

If the world loves jewelry jade, it may be a bit exaggerated, but there are more and more people who like jade. Jadeite was introduced to China from a large scale in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and was quickly loved by Chinese people.

In the Qing Dynasty, the emerald became the royal favorite jade, and the royal family was proud to wear jade.

It is said that the magical Tongling jade in “Dream of Red Mansions” is a piece of jade. Empress Dowager Cixi’s love for jade is even more irrelevant. She used jade as a collection of royal jade in large collections. After her death, she was also used for the funeral. The amount was extremely amazing.

So why do Chinese people like jewelry jade so much?

China’s emerald love is reflected in the following aspects: China is a nation that appreciates jade.

Chinese people like to use jade as a virtue since ancient times, and jade is a gentleman. Because Jade has a warm and strong temperament and a subtle light. Morality symbolizes the Chinese people’s jade-like connotation and virtue. Secondly, China is the country that loves peace the most. Therefore, Chinese people like the green of jade, green represents peace and represents vitality.

The Chinese wear jade, emerald green with its delicate and transparent texture like water, which is the most beautiful with the yellow skin color

Is jade expensive?

The origin of the jade is described in any book introducing jade, produced in a small area in northern Myanmar. As for other countries and regions, there are also three or four places with jadeite production, but those jadeites are only minerals and jadeite-based rocks, but they are completely out of gem-quality and have no meaning for our jade that jade is expensive in the world.

Why is the output of jade so little?

Everyone says that diamonds are rare and precious, but diamonds are produced in at least ten countries. The world is so vast. Is there no place for jade production?

At present, there are no other mining areas in the world that can produce gem-quality jade. This beautiful jade is born to be inaccessible. You can touch it, appreciate it, and cherish this fate.

Jade’s colors

Color is also an important factor affecting the price of jade. The common jade color is full of green jade, green jade, yellow jade green jade, purple jade or jade with a solid color. Usually, jade is green, but in recent years, the price of purple jade has been rising, which is comparable to the price of green jade.

If you want to classify the color of the jade, according to the distribution of colors, there are: full color, scattered color, and sporadic color; according to the shade of color: thick, moderate, and light. The jade color is different by one grade, and the jade price is about 30%. Therefore, when judging the price of jadeite, we must pay attention to the influence of color on the price of jadeite.