Jade Dragon Brand is a mix of the emerald culture and the Chinese culture, and it is very popular with the people.

The dragon is a symbol of the Chinese nation’s spirit, a Chinese totem, and an integral aspect of Chinese culture. The dragon can be big or small, dark or bright, can make clouds and make rain, and subdue demons. It is a symbol of bravery, authority, and nobility. The dragon brand is majestic and majestic, and the dragon soars all over the world. Sending leaders has the meaning of rising and rising steadily.

The dragon is a powerful emblem that also represents strength, good fortune, and auspiciousness.

Dragons are regarded as a potent sign of power and strength in traditional Chinese culture. They are also associated with good fortune. The dragon is a representation of power and strength as well as auspiciousness and good luck. Due to the fact that it symbolizes ascent and progression in an orderly fashion, it is a favorite option for dispatching leaders. Within the context of traditional Chinese culture, the dragon is interpreted as a representation of power and vigor.

Ancient jade carvings, embroideries, stone carvings, murals, and other arts and crafts feature dragon patterns.

Thus, Jade Dragon Plaque is a blend of Chinese dragon culture and jade culture. favorite. Especially for men, wearing an emerald dragon tablet symbolizes a prosperous career, making rapid progress and prosperity. If a man wears the dragon plate, it indicates that his symbolic career is prosperous and progressing step by step. The dragon is an auspicious beast that represents powerful power and becomes the wearer’s patron saint. Because of the homophony, it is more of a metaphor and symbol of wealth and prosperity. It has the ability to expel evil and evil. It is an excellent companion to wear or give to friends.

Only emperors could wear dragon pattern ornaments in ancient times

Dragon has been a symbol of Chinese emperors since ancient times. The Chinese emperor was seen as theson of Heaven“, the representative of the divine on earth, and the dragon was his symbol. It was believed that the dragon had divine powers and was able to bring rain, floods, and good fortune.

Chinese emperors used the dragon as a symbol of their power and authority, and it has remained a symbol of power and authority ever since. so they have a symbol of power, status, and power, and pray for the wearer, wishing him to be supported by all people, to have power in all directions, and to achieve extraordinary feats; for children, it contains the meaning of looking forwards to success. The dragon is a spiritual creature, the longest-lived beast in mythology, and its lifespan can be equal to that of heaven and earth. Therefore, the dragon also represents longevity, showing health and longevity. Gifting it to the elders and the elderly is a blessing. Health and longevity, the meaning of eternal youth in it.

Dragon is an important content in Asian culture, and the image of the dragon is a typical product of primitive totem worship according to the above, the dragon card generally has the following meanings in jadeite: support by thousands of people, rising steadily, getting ahead, health and longevity, prosperous business, ranking among the top leaders, the prosperity of the country and people, good luck and so on.