China’s long-standing jade culture has made people understand all aspects of Jade.

From what the ancients often said, “Jade is not awkward, it is not a device”, it can reflect people’s deep understanding of jade carving and carving. Pay attention to it. When the jade is not carved, it is just a beautiful stone,  after the carving seems to have life. This is the meaning of the jade carving.

So how many jade carving techniques are there?

We generally divide it into 3 kinds, we come together to see it, first is the three-dimensional carving. This jade carving method requires the sculptor to engrave all the way from the front, the back, the left, the right, the upper, the middle and the lower. The advantage is that there is a three-dimensional effect, which allows the viewer to appreciate it from multiple angles and angles. The beauty can be seen on its different sides.

Embossed is a common method of jade carving.

It is a method of compressing the volume, engraving a raised pattern or shape on the surface of the jade material (in other words, compressing the pattern volume on a two-dimensional plane on the basis of the round sculpture), so that it is the main The finished jadeite product is flat (if the round figurine is a steamed bun, then the relief is like a meatloaf).

 Embossed jade carving

Hollow carving

Hollow carving is an engraving technique. The exterior looks like a complete pattern, but it is empty inside or inlaid with small hollow objects. Widely used in stone carving, jade carving, wood carving, ivory carving, and other art carving fields。

The beautiful things in the world are loved by people. People have created jade carvings to preserve eternal beauty. Various kinds of themes have added bad colors to life.

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