Jade is a product of nature.full of lucky

Everything in the world has a balance of yin and yang. The jade contains a variety of trace elements and the unique ability to agglomerate and release energy. It not only complements the trace elements that are lacking inside the wearer’s body but also balances the internal organs, veins, nerves, and blood.

Jade is an auspicious thing, and jade itself will have an aura.

Jade that has not been chemically treated in any natural way can bring good luck to people, avoid bad things when evading disasters, and slowly convert to good ones to remove the pain. There is a saying in China that if you use jade as your amulet for a long time, it is a yearning for a good life and also helps your health.

For being lucky. people wear jade since ancient time.

This statement we pursued his source is in the ancient times, when the level of science and technology was not high, people could not withstand the scourge of nature and there were some wars, people’s lives are very unstable, in the face of disaster accidents, this time People were eager to have a psychological comfort, so they have faith, some believed in the gods,  have faith in religion, and jade as a kind of sustenance to escape from this time began. people believed that natural stones attached to oneself so that it could protect themselves from disaster.

Slowly in the development of the jade carving industry, people have created a lot of subjects to meet their psychological needs.

For example, our common gourd, Jade donut, Buddha, dragon and some ancient legends of the beast. It is not difficult to find that sometimes our jade carving is a character, or a plant, next to them, people will see a small animal or an ancient beast, they As a mascot, you can protect the wearer. This also indicates that jade can bring people good fortune.jade is luck with amulet animal on the head

Jade is luck with amulet animal on the head

jade lucky amulet animal

Jade calabash is a lucky jade amulet

As time goes by, Jade can bring people luck and it has gradually become real life. People know that common sense, people can be sure that jade can bring luck and health. In my life, many friends around wear jade bracelets. Sometimes the jade bracelets will split without any reason.  People say that situation happened proves that jade has helped the owner to withstand the disaster. made the owner gets peace.

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