Jade is lucky

Lucky Jade is worn to bring luck to the wearer, not just as an adornment.

Intentional use of jade with a positive connotation is essential. All jade carries a special blessing, although some more than others.

  • The fortunate beast “Pixiu” collects prosperity and treasures, protects the body, and wards off evil spirits:
  • ‘Guanyin’ represents great compassion, peace, and happiness;
  • ‘Ping An buckle’ means that peace is a blessing, and good fortune comes frequently
  • jade ornaments represent guarding the source of wealth.

    When gifting jadeite, consider the recipient’s age, gender, occupation, identity, and hobbies, and choose pendants with varied themes!

    A present for the elderly

    Giving jade pendants to the elderly is a very special gesture. The pendants’ connotation reflects the blessings of the younger generation to the elders, which causes the elderly to laugh frequently. Fushoushuangquan, Laoshouxing, Songhe Yannian, Guanyin, Buddha, and other common themes can be found.
    Most elderly people believe in Buddhism, and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva can understand the world, save all living beings, eliminate disasters and difficulties, and drive away evil spirits and avoid evil. Giving Emerald Avalokitesvara to the elderly the meaning of wishing a happy life, everything goes well, health and auspiciousness, and eternal peace!
    The Buddha is tolerant and magnanimous, and he looks at life with a smile. He is the embodiment of compassion and kindness, which can help people to calm down, cultivate both blessings and wisdom, and be safe and healthy. Sending emeralds to Buddha can wish the elderly a happy life, good health, open-mindedness, and good luck.
    The whole body of the safety buckle is round, the outer ring symbolizes the vast world, and the inner ring symbolizes inner peace, which means auspiciousness and peace, and everything goes well.

    Gift for a child

    Children’s skin is active and alive, so toys with simple carvings and no sharp edges and corners are better.
    Children’s jade pendants often have pleasant implications. Lucky jade.
    Baby Buddha, a cartoon character representing compassion, knowledge, and the ability to separate good from evil, is good for youngsters
    The gourd has the implication of descendants for generations, longevity, and well-being.
    Giving a child an emerald gourd can wish the child the blessing of the ancestors, grow up healthily, be proactive, work hard like a gourd branch and vine, and finally bear fruitful results.
    Chinese newborns wear small locks with auspicious inscriptions because they think locks may lock health and happiness.
    Kids must pass all examinations and succeed. It means kids must pass all exams and have a successful future.

    Middle school and college entrance exam students have the best meaning.

    The meaning of jade barrel is that life’s road is smooth, the situation is stable, everything goes smoothly, and everything goes well. The shape is simple; to wear it, thread a thin string through the hole and hang it around your neck. Passepartout can rotate continuously with the wearer’s movement on the wearer’s chest, much like a rolling wheel that never stops, symbolizing the unobstructed road of life.
    Passing the provincial, general, and palace exams earn you three yuan and three stars of fortune, salary, and longevity.
    Because of its vicious demeanor and the urban tale that it can only enter and exit, Pixiu is able to entice investors with its price. When businesspeople visit, they can rely on Pixiu to help them make the most of their visit and conduct transactions smoothly.

    The best way to bring luck to people with jade is to wear it as a piece of jewelry.

    It could be a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earring. Jade brings luck, energy, and protection. It attracts wealth, love, and prosperity. Gifting an emerald is said to bring luck. It protects against negative energy and brings harmony to relationships.
    There is a common belief that jade will keep bad things from happening to its owner. It’s a magnet for good fortune, romance, and success. The tradition of giving an emerald as a gift is thought to bring good fortune to the recipient. It keeps out the bad vibes and helps everyone get along.