How much is a real jade bracelet worth?

The price of jade bracelets range is relatively wide, it from a few hundred US dollars to millions of dollars. In general, Colored jade is often more expensive than jade without color.

Want to know how much is a real jade bracelet worth? we need to know how did we make a jade bracelet. the jade bangles first come from the natural gemstone. 90% of the gemstones in the world are from Myanmar. The chemical name MaAisi2o6, it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 and the refractive index is Between 1.650 and 1.70.

In order to protect the non-renewable jade resources, the Myanmar government has introduced a series of policies to control mining areas, which has caused the price of the jade rise in recent years,  the Burmese government announced gemstone can only be traded through the Burma auction market. Other transactions that do not through the government market are not illegal,  people all over the world can only buy the gemstone just in one market! the government’s special control has made the stone’s price going up heavily.

one gemstone stone can have many buyers to bid, normally the final price will be hundreds of times the starting price.

After successfully won the bid, whether this stone is worth the money you paid,  it depends entirely on the buyer’s luck. Any stone will have some textures more or less. When the internal texture is very large, the value of this stone is obviously reduced. Of course, if you are lucky enough to buy a stone with not too many cracks, then the value of this stone is much higher than you have paid.

The requirements for the stone are very high. when we cut the stone into pieces, If there are too many cracks, Some materials should be discarded. Some Can only be used to make some pendants or very small jade products, we need the stone area big enough for a bangle,  then we can cut a bangle shape put , generally, jade bangles are dearer than pendants.

natural born stone veins are not cracks .they are normal.

We have some consumers think that some born stone veins are cracks, they can’t accept such bracelets. In fact, that was common and natural, unless you want to pay over thousands USD, less than that you will need to accept the stone veins.

In the following article, I will show some pictures for the Myanmar jade auction sold out stones, their transaction price is very expensive, and some of them are also full of cracks.

NO 2671.weight :3.5 kg auction from 3000000 EUR. sold price: 10588888 EUR

Myanmar jade gemstone

NO 4966. weight :1380 kg.sold price is 10588888 EUR

Myanmar jade gemstone

No:5219 weight: 21.6kg.sold for 9111118 EUR

the price of jade was really high, you can imagine How much is a real jade bracelet worth? find the affordable real jadeite is the king, anything suit you that is the best.

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