Real jade bracelet is expensive?

Is a real jade bracelet expensive? There is no one number or range of numbers that can adequately illustrate the complexity of the jade price. The cost can range anywhere from hundreds to millions or even tens of millions of dollars. The cost of jade can also be highly erratic, with some periods seeing price increases and other periods seeing price decreases.

There are four major factors affecting the price of real a jade bracelet:  transparency, color, workmanship, and weight.

The jade bracelet’s transparency

Transparency is a relatively straightforward property of an object. Likewise, jadeite shares the same characteristics. The greater the jadeite’s transparency, the greater it’s worth; the lower its transparency or lack thereof, the lower its value. The correspondingly low value is accompanied by the transparency of several thousand. The degree of water penetration into the stone in a given year influences the value of the variation in jadeite’s transparency; a small amount of transparency frequently doubles the price.


Jadeite fascinates the common people because of its rich colors. Knowing the color of jadeite is an important and one of the most basic contents to evaluate the quality of jadeite. The color of jade has many shades, and these different shades have a direct impact on the value of jade。

The color of jadeite has seven categories: colorless, white, green, purple, black, yellow, and red, combined colors. In fact, to put it simply, the color of jadeite has three categories: primary color, secondary color, and combination color. Primary colors include: white, green, black, and purple; secondary colors include: emerald and secondary green; combined colors include: boxwood green, Fu Lu Shou, white background blue, etc.


Each piece of work needs to start from the material, shape, color, etc., and make the most of the jade material, especially in the creation of characters, flowers and birds, flowers, and animals, it is even more important to design according to the material.

With the progress of technology and the improvement of technology, the skill of material application is getting higher and higher, and the works are more colorful, In order to raise the value of jadeite, we need to engage highly trained experts to carve the material into finer details. , It is quite simple to lose thousands of dollars if good materials are carved poorly, which is why the Craft night market is a factor in the value of jadeite bracelets.


Because jadeite is a nonrenewable resource, the more it is mined, the less is stored, hence its value continues to rise; if it is purchased in grams, its weight will significantly affect its price.