Buddha is a piece of good auspicious jewelry that everyone likes.

Jade Buddha meaning

Nowadays, many people buy jade, and they want to use the beautiful meaning.

Jade can realize the purpose of transshipment and blessing.

People want to have the jade of transshipment, such as the jade dragon, the jade barrels, and jade Buddhas.

The significance of Jadestone in Chinese culture is reflected in its status as an image of goodness, value, and excellence.

As we all know, jade has a deep relationship with Buddhist culture.

To the Chinese, the jade stone is likewise the exemplification of the Confucian ethics of fortitude, knowledge, humility, equity, and empathy. Throughout the ages, jade is a recognized mascot of evil spirits.

Once the people have worn a jade Buddha, it cannot be easily taken off. people believe that jade is spiritual. If one day, the jade you wear is broken, indicating that the jade has already protected you, normally people don’t throw it away, but wrap it in red cloth and collect it.

Buddhism advocates life Zen and realizes the transcendence of Zen in life. It is only a matter of thought in the world.

This gave birth to a far-reaching Zen-like jade. The jade carving masters will let the lovers learn to enjoy the peace in this impetuous society through the Zen jade works.

Jade brings the meaning of Zen to the people so that in the busy life, people can maintain a cheerful, inclusive and peaceful attitude, calmly face life, remove the secular thoughts in the heart, calmly face with the inner peace. life.

Jade has made a medium on the road of Buddhism, or that jade is the best material carrier of Buddhist culture.

Today, the combination of jade and Buddhist culture is indeed complementary.

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