Jade pendant white color fairy necklace 1


Jade pendant white color fairy necklace(Jadep0008)
Origin: Myanmar. 100% handmade carving.
Types: ice type Grade-A jadeite jade
Dimensions: 44mm * 14mm * 5mm (length, width and thickness.)
Color: oil green

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Jade pendant white color fairy necklace
this jade fairy pendant necklace is 100% natural, untreated and not dyed Type-A (Grade A) jadeite jade and is 100% handmade. Jade Necklace, Sterling Silver, Green Jade Necklace, Jade Jewelry, Jade Pendant Necklace, Mothers Day Gift For Women, Simple Necklace Drop
it is a Chinese ancient fairy with a dress, we have another one as a pair if you buy both can be a gift for mum and daughter or sisters.

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