Jade animal rabbit necklace yellow jadeite


This is a new product we have just designed. We have made a total of five rabbits. The five rabbits made of natural jade have different colors. The five rabbits are handmade and the size is not too big. We put a hole in the rabbit for the penetration of the metal beads. We used a 14K gold-plated bead on the top and bottom of the rabbit. The top of the rabbit is connected with a bead and a silver button. The silver button is also very distinctive, with a green artificial diamond on it. Under the beads below, we added a 14K gold chain on the street to connect the beads below the beads. The color of the beads is different. Under the green emerald rabbit, there is a bead which is natural grade A jade.this jade rabbit is a yellow jade which is very rare. The golden necklace on the picture is used for photographing. We don’t provide a free necklace. Please notice this. The rabbit is one of the twelve zodiac signs, and those who were born in 1975、1987、1999、2011 2023 are rabbits who can buy it. Many friends also think that the rabbit is very cute, and is willing to buy a rabbit pendant. It has nothing to do with the zodiac. we are Burma jadeite factory outlet store, can accept any order for the jade bangle, jade ring, jade pendant, and some usual sizes products, items all lifetime grade A untreated Burma jadeite guaranteed

Origin: Myanmar. 100% handmade carving.
Types: ice type Grade-A jadeite jade
Dimensions: 65mm * 15mm * 4mm (length, width, and thickness.)
Color: white yellow

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Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 cm