Jade Pixiu Pendant Jewelry

PIXIU Dragon Gemstone Green jade Ice jadeite pendant necklace 0111

jade pixiu pendant has another name brave troops,pixiu is a kind of heavenly animal in ancient Chinese mythology.
According to the legend, he is the ninth son of the dragon. He has a very obvious feature, that is, he only eats gold and silver treasures and never excretes them, so people think jade pixiu pendant is a good thing to keep fortune.

This auspicious animal can help others to maintain their wealth at home, and attract property back to their homes. They can also hold on to the wealth they have created. It is a very popular wearing accessory in China.

We use jade to make it. Chinese jade pendant, jade dragon pendant  In his good intentions, the composition of Feng Shui is added to it because natural jade can bring people a very good feng shui and auspicious signs.

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