Jade Pixiu Pendant Jewelry

Jade pixiu According to Chinese legend, Pixiu is the last of the nine sons of the dragon. He has supernatural powers, reveres by the faithful, bestows fortune on his followers, bestows profound meaning upon his followers, and holds a firm place in the hearts of his followers.

The Pixiu is capable of overeating to the point where it experiences diarrhea. It is only possible to take food in but not to drop out. Many people interpret this as evidence that you may amass wealth simply by altering the way in which you consume food. It is not hard to envision the possibility that it will bring in wealth and money.

Thus, people wear jade Pixiu since ancient times in hopes of blessing their business and their children’s scholastic achievement.

People in business wear Jade Pixiu. Pixiu is a brave and lucky animal that eats treasures from all over the world. It can be said to bring in money from everywhere.

When an older person wears a jadeite Pixiu, they are able to absorb the peace and prosperity of the jadeite, increasing their chances of living to a ripe old age.

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