Jade Buddha Pendant

The jade jewellery pendants based on Buddha always been favored by people.
The reason for this is that there are many beautiful symbols for a laugh Jade Buddha. What are the implications of the Jade Buddha pendant?

Jade Buddha pendant symbolizes happiness; it is also a symbol of good luck and good fortune. Laughing Buddha is informal, and everything is given a smile. The belly can accommodate the world. Therefore, laughing Buddha is open-minded and cheerful. Laugh all day long, longevity.
There are two types of Buddha statues on the market.
One is sitting Buddha, There is also a stand-up Buddha standing. Someone wonders, Which of these two shapes is better?
The difference between sitting Buddha and standing Buddha
Sitting Buddha: The vast majority of Maitreya in the market is the image of sitting Buddha. He is kind and kind, amiable, The look of cheerful looks calm and dignified. Implied that it is open-minded, Good luck . Like sitting Buddha, The standing Buddha is also quite like a big belly laughing. However, the standing shape makes the Buddha public add a little more vivid feeling. Compared to the rich state of sitting Buddha, Standing Buddha is more delicate and smart.
the benefits of wearing a jade buddha jewelry :
Children wear- Children wearing laugh Buddha jade pendant can receive the blessing of the Buddha, good fortune, and health. In the future, learning life can be smooth and smart.

The old man wears – the old man wearing jade and jade Buddha pendant can get nourishment protection of jade, at the same time wishing him to be a wise man in his later years, maintaining an optimistic and cheerful attitude, laugh all day long, and longevity.

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