Jade Bangle

Jade Bangles arose when matrilineal societies became patrilineal. Women wore bracelets as a symbol of marriage, while men wore them to show their position or sort of work. Bracelets warded off evil spirits and offered good luck in ancient cultures.

The dragon prince fell in love with a mortal woman, but celestial rules prohibit man and deity from falling in love. He was reluctant to leave his sweetheart, so he turned himself into a bracelet, wrapped it around his wrist, and cared for him forever. Ancient women wore jade on their left hands.

Jade bangle’s shapes:

1. a circular bar bracelet

The inner, outer, and bar are all circular. Perfect circle = blessed jade bangle. This bracelet is old fashion and classic. It’s round and thick, serious and upright and perfect for classically-minded women. Round bangles are more expensive than other bangles of the same quality because they require more jade. it has the biggest collection value and is most common at auctions.

2. Peace bracelet

The inner surface is flat or gradually arc-shaped; the outer surface is convex circular-arc-shaped. Inner flat outer circle. It’s called a safety bracelet because it resembles a saddle. Peace bracelets are perfect circles but lighter and more delicate than blessing bracelets. The inside surface of the peace bracelet is flat, making it more pleasant to wear. The large circle bracelet’s middle may be fitted into the tiny circle bracelet’s middle, conserving material. More than 70% of jade bracelets on the market now have this shape, which is popular among all ages.

3. Chaise oval Bracelet
According to legend, Concubine Yang loved the oval bracelet very much in the Tang dynasty, In fact, we make the shape of the oval bracelet because there aren’t enough raw materials, so the oval jade bangle is small normally.The oval jade bangle is the perfect mix of classic and modern beauty. It is easier to wear and less likely to get bumped.

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