Natural Jadeite Brave Troops Pendant Burma Jade PiXiu Amulet Figurine 0113


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Natural Jadeite Pendant, Carved Brave Troops Jadeite Pendant Burma Jade PiXiu Amulet Figurine 0113
This pixiu jade pendant is 100% natural, untreated and not dyed Type-A (Grade A) jadeite jade and is 100% handmade.
Origin: Myanmar. 100% handmade carving.
Types: ice type Grade-A jadeite jade
Dimensions: 22mm * 14mm * 14mm (length, width, and thickness.)
Color:green white
this jade pendant comes with a free cord, not silver has some born stone lines on the bottom. please zoom in and watching the details.about white jadeite pixiu with certificate statue natural jade necklace jewelry,pixiu is?an Ancient mythical beast. One of Dragon’s nine children. It has no anal mouth, can swallow everything and never vent, can recruit treasure, cannot only enter, supernatural power.So people use it as a symbol of the accumulation of wealth.
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