jade yellow bracelet handmade natural yellow Burma jade Grade A jadeite bangle bracelet 58 mm 18002




 natural untreated Burma jade jadeite bangle bracelet green grade A 

jade yellow bracelet bangle burma jade jadeite green.

 Chinese name:缅甸纯天然翡翠细条手镯 Burma jade bangle

Gemstone: 100% Natural Grade A Jadeite
Color: yellow
Internal Diameter: Approx. 58mm
Bangle Width: 14.9mm
bangle thickness:8.0mm
weight:69 g

About jade yellow bracelet bangle :-

Eastern women wear jade bracelets for thousands of years. In the long history, the wearing habits of jade bracelets can be passed on and become more and more popular, which proves that the benefits of wearing jade bangle are lots. In the process of wearing and development of jade bracelets, it reflects the pursuit and desire of eastern women for the power and charm of jade bracelets.

The early appearance of the Jadeite bracelet is only a token of people’s religious beliefs. It does not pay much attention to the quality and style of jade bracelets. There is no modern aesthetic demand for jade bracelets.

The ancients wore jade bracelets only to drive out ghosts and evil towns. In ancient times, when various diseases, disasters, and pains came, people could no longer find a more effective way to resist them than to pin their hopes on the tokens. Therefore, the spiritual Jadeite Bracelet became a token of exorcism, body protection, and safety.

When the society develops to a particular time, material civilization makes people no longer suffer from hunger, no longer worry too much about safety, and wearing a jade bangle is more of a desire to stay away from accidents, apart from disease, and deeper in hopes of the spirit of the jade bracelet. Performance stable children emotions, love for a long time, marriage happiness

In the long history, eastern women wear jade bracelets for thousands of years. The early appearance of the Jadeite bracelet is only a token of people’s religious beliefs,  it was a body protection, and safety hope.  as time goes by, the jade bangle is not only a piece of jewelry but all good spiritual things, It is a desire to stay away from accidents, apart from disease, love for a long time, marriage happiness, etc.

All of our bracelets are from the legal stone trading market in Myanmar. Through regular channels, the proceeds from the jade fair auction. There are no intermediate, from the factory directly to the consumers.

Our bracelets include sculpted bracelets and non-sculpted, with multi colors, green jade bangles and purple jade bangles are the most popular hand wear, yellow jade, black jade also have their fans. Young girls love thin ice jade bangles; our engraver is a worker with many years of experience, cherish every stone because they are too expensive nowadays, the natural stone pattern is quite common. I hope that everyone will not use artificial standards to measure natural things. We also have some flawless jade bangles that have a high price. This jade bangle has perfect round shape it is like a tyre very smooth fitting.

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