< !DOCTYPE html> Grade A jadeite bangle with half light green and white 1988 59mm - Helen Grade A Jade
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Grade A jadeite bangle with half light green and white 1988 59mm


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grade A jadeite bangle with half light green and white 1988 59mm

Gemstone: 100% Natural Grade A Jadeite
Colour: light green and white
Internal Diameter: Approx. 59mm
Bangle Width:6.7mm
bangle thickness:7.1mm

This jade bangle is 100% natural, untreated and undyed Type-A jadeite jade and is 100% handmade. The sense of touch is cool. this jadeite bangle is light green, on the other side you can see it has a white color, we sell grade A untreated jade only, all the gemstones comes from Burma.

this is white type jade bangle, it has some fine stone veins on it, please zoom in the pictures to see the details, the price already reduced.

authentic jade, jade bracelet benefits

Our jade bracelets include sculpted bracelets and non-sculpted, with multi colors, green jade bangles and purple jade bangles are the most popular hand wear, yellow jade, black jade also have their fans. Young girls love thin ice jade bangles; our engraver is a worker with many years of experience, cherish every stone because they are too expensive nowadays, the natural stone pattern is quite common. I hope that everyone will not use artificial standards to measure natural things. We also have some flawless jade bangles that have a high price. This jade bangle has a perfectly round shape it is like a tyre very smooth fitting.

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Dimensions 16 × 10 × 5 cm

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