genuine jadeite leaf pendant Burmese untreated grade A necklace 4711

genuine jadeite leaf pendant Burmese untreated grade A necklace 4711

缅甸天然A货树叶吊坠 金枝玉叶

Origin: Myanmar. 100% handmade carving.
Types: ice type Grade-A jadeite jade
Dimensions: 37mm * 17mm *5.8mm (length, width and thickness.)
Color : white


About genuine jadeite leaf pendant

this is an icy clear genuine jadeite leaf pendant. Most of the high-quality jade in the jewelry market comes from northern Myanmar, People describe jade leaf as women who are famous for their noble status. Nowadays, Wearing jade leaves can reflect women’s elegant and generous, fresh and delicate temperament.

The natural jade leaf pendant is special to make people feng shui good and give people well luck,Leaves are a symbol of family prosperity and wealth lots of parents are buying jade leaf for their children hoping their children leading to success. It is a very good implication for family and especially your children. also, jade always brings people good Feng Shui, can help people maintain good health. This one has a unique purple color on the whole leaf, purple in China means riches and honor. It is very good to buy such a good jadeite jade leaf for your family and yourself.

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