14K gold filled gold jadeite pendant grade A Jadeite donut pixiu necklace




14K gold jadeite pendant grade A Jadeite donut pixiu necklace

this is a 14k yellow gold filled jade pixiu and donut pendant


Origin: Myanmar. 100% handmade carving.
Types: ice type Grade-A jadeite jade
Dimensions: donut:21mm * 6.3mm   pixiu:15.5/9/7mm
Color: light black and white oil green


14K gold jadeite pendant grade A Jadeite donut pixiu necklace

This is a pure natural jade pendant. This pendant has two parts. The top one is a safety buckle. The color of the safety buckle is a natural color between the lake blue and the green.

the two sides are completely different patterns, one side looks basically color, the second side is half white half blue-green. We usually call the two parts of this color clearly mountain and water, which means that it corresponds to yin and yang. Jade was originally a kind of thing that could bring people good feng shui.

We made it with 14K American gold, and there were two golden beads on the chain. The other end of the chain was hung with a Pixiu. This Pixiu is a kind of mythical beast that is lucky in ancient mythology.

This carving is very exquisite, hand-carved by hand, so fine that you can even see the teeth of the skull, the transparency is very good.

The gold-clad necklace is used as a display. The real goods are without a necklace. We offer a free cord to use.

additionally, the”pixiu ” is a kind of Swiss beast in ancient China. The feng shui scholars in ancient China believed that 貔貅 is the beast of Jirui who turned out to be evil. Chinese tradition has the custom of decorating “貔貅”, which means that it can bring joy and good luck.in fact,pixiu under a donut not beside it has feng shui meaning.

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