Jade square

The jadeite buckle and the jade square pendant are a kind of auspicious jewels
that bless people’s peace. many people love The jadeite buckle, but there are also some friends who don’t like the round ones, instead, they like a square or rectangular shape jade jewelry.

In the selection of materials, we try to preserve the original size of the material. The pendants trimmed into square or rectangular, men loved it a lot. It is a piece of jade jewelry, that is especially for men.
we avoid to carve on the jade square pendant, keep it’s valued as much as we can
In terms of material selection, the jadeite of different quality has a different price. We can achieve high ice type and the low price level of ordinary people. generally, We use all kind of color jade gemstone to make it, which we customized to many themes, according to different requirements of customers.

in order to preserve the original value of the jade stone, we try to avoid the destruction of the structure of the stone by carving the pattern on it, but sometimes, we will engrave the rectangular jade stone for the decoration, some ancient The pattern gives it an elegant aesthetic.

The shape of the Emerald Peaceful Card is generally rectangular, round or elliptical. The board does not make any texture engraving, showing the most realistic appearance of the jade.

If you don’t decorate the sculpture, you need the jadeite material to be intact and crack-free, and you can’t have any flaws. This is very difficult for natural jadeite. Because of its beautiful meaning and high-quality requirements, Jade has no higher collection value.

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