Jade Fish Pendant

jade fish pendant is a common theme.
“Fish” is similar to “Yu”. People want to live well and have more wealth. Therefore, jade fish can take the meaning of “every year.” People hope that their future life will be rich

secondly, Fish gives people a sense of vitality and spirit, which means that students can achieve great success through their own efforts.
thirdly, There are many and many fish seeds in the belly of the mother fish, which means more happiness.
the last, The little fish that live in the water are carefree and rarely encounter obstacles and bumps. Therefore, the jade fish also means that life is harmonious and smooth.
the fish jade pendant also a ruyi pendant jewelry
The most common is when the fish and the lotus leaf are carved together. Sometimes, the picture is very vivid, We will also see the jade pendant combined with the dragon’s head and the fish’s body. There is a symbol of good luck and good luck.

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