Jade Seal

The seal has always been a symbol of power and culture.
The seal used by the emperor ,always become the property of the rich people.
There are many materials used to make the seal, including some gold, silver, copper or Natural stone, jadeite has become a trend since the Qing Dynasty in China.
The jadeite seal of China contains some elements of calligraphy, painting, and poetry in its culture. It is a symbol and testimony of Chinese culture. The emerald seal has two major functions. The first is the status symbol and the second is the proof function. With the progress of the times, the symbol function of the seal gradually weakens, the seal’s proof function becomes mainly a kind of testimony between people. Many rich and wealthy people collect some art seals.
The shape of the seals is square, round, rectangular, and cylindrical. Common jadeite stamps are engraved with pixiu, golden toad, lion, and dragon. There will be a certain place in the upper and lower parts of the seal to engrave the name of the person. Some seals are very exquisite. People can wear it as a pendant.

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