Jade Leaf Pendant

The combination of jade and leaves has been around for a long time. After years of accumulation, it has accumulated rich meanings.
Since ancient times, the daughter of the princely prince is “golden branches and jade leaves”, which not only expresses its noble identity but also implies its warm and beautiful quality like jade. It has been passed down to the present and has become synonymous with noble, beautiful and intelligent women. Therefore, the jade leaves are popular among the public.

Describes a jade-like tree in the wind, still in a cool posture. Men wear emerald leaves, meaning that Yushu is in the wind and is popular among men and women.

the branches and leaves are lush, meaning that the children and grandchildren prosper. Chinese people love their children and grandchildren, and they are happier. Wearing jade leaf pendant means to get prosperity, children and grandchildren will get better and better, For newlyweds, jade leaf pendant jewelry is one of the best gifts. For those who are eager to be eager, jade leaves can bring good luck to them.

There is a great success in the industry – in the Chinese characters, “Ye” homophonic “industry”, describing the success of the cause, step by step. In addition, “business” and “leaf” are also “safe and happy”, describing family happiness, national peace, and security. “The great cause of success” and “living and living” are all good and good, and they are very good for business, family, and life.

There are no two identical leaves in the world, so each leaf is unique. The emerald leaves represent the only one. This is for couples or couples. It is very suitable and romantic.

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