Jade Elephant Necklace

jade elephant necklace
The elephant is an auspicious animal since ancient times. It is a symbol of auspiciousness and Daping.
Asian people love jade elephant necklace a lot.
firstly, ancient Buddhism descended from the sky , and came from the elephant. The “image” word is also homophonic, so the elephant represents auspiciousness in our traditional culture, and the emerald elephant is also auspicious.
secondly, the elephant is the largest mammal on the land, huge size, strong muscles, endless power, people regard it as a strong incarnation, so the emerald elephant also means strong and powerful.
third, the elephant’s long life, up to 80 years, is a symbol of longevity, so the emerald elephant symbolizes health and longevity.
The jade pendant is not only a Chinese jade pendant, but also slowly expands to the world.
our factory’s jade pendant is no longer limited to many traditional themes. Asian friends like elephant jade pendant,  including Malaysia. India, Singapore, and the United States, they all think that elephants are a mascot. This also caters to a certain extent. We wholesale jade pendants and also accept private orders.

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