Jade Calabash Jewelry

Shape of jade calabash makes it very special.

Jade calabash jewelry consists of smaller round top and bigger bottom giving it a gourd like shape.

The ancients believed this kind of shape have the effect of dispelling and driving away bad spirits. Therefore, the family must hang the gourd shaped jewel in the house to be safe, and to bring good fortune.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing jade calabash jewelry:
First of all, the jade calabash jewelry is considered to contain “Fu Lu” homophonic, so people carved the jade in gourd shape.

It’s believed that the person who wants to wear “Fu Lu”, got the happiness in ancient times, and it’s considered auspicious, plus officials into the prince, the financial resources rolling.

Secondly, there are many seeds in the body of the gourd, if a new couple wears the jade calabash pendant, it means that they can have many children in the later life.

Finally, in the myths and legends, people used the calabash to store panacea, so to the elderly, jade calabash jewelry means healthy and safe, longevity life,

For young children, if a sick child wears a jade calabash pendant, the jade pendant can protect their health and they grow up with less disease.

Wear jade gourd jewelry in your daily life it is simple.
generally, the size of the jade gourd is small, so the jade gourd, we usually inlay it as a jade ring, jade earrings, jade pendant, is a high-quality jade product.

Many young friends, they like jade calabash jewelry a lot, it is precisely because of the size It’s small, so there’s no weight when you wear it, which makes us fully wearable at work.

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