Jade Cabbage Jewelry

Jade cabbage jewelry is very popular in the world.

One of the most famous jade cabbage is in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. This decoration is a natural color composed of white jade and green jade. It is about 20 centimeters long and 10 centimeters long. It’s priceless treasure worthy of a price. It enjoys a very famous reputation in the world.

Jade cabbage’s meaning
Many friends have to ask why the jadeite is carved into a cabbage. Because jade cabbage has a lot of meaning, first of all, from its color, there is a white jade, we have an old saying in China, that is, people do things very kindly, for all people Very helpful to others. At the same time, its pronunciation is the same in Chinese and property, so to a certain extent, it indicates that all kinds of wealth are gathered like you.

When we do business, we don’t know what kind of business we do to make money. Wearing cabbage will make you earn money no matter what kind of business you do. This is an important reason why people like cabbage.

The shape is Jade cabbage often long, so couples in our lives, if wearing white cabbage, will make people feel that it is a long-lasting meaning, white is also associated with purity , expressing pure love.

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