Jade Bean Jewelry

jade bean pendant has good meaning in China
Jade is the favorite of many jade carving masters. You can use jade carving to plants and animal shapes. Each shape will be given different meanings to show the cultural temperament of the work. Among them, plant green beans are the most common carvings. Below we will introduce the meaning of the emerald green beans.

In traditional Chinese culture, beans are the more common auspicious things, and the meaning is rich and beautiful, such as harvest, more children and more blessings.

Moreover, the beans of different seasons are different, Four beans in the green beans symbolize the peace of the four seasons;

three beans connected to good luck, long life, and wealthy;

two are the mother and child have good relationships, when many women wore two beans with jade bean, during pregnancy to protect the mother and child Peaceful, full of good fortune and blessing.

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